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These Two Pictures Perfectly Sum Up What's Wrong With Indian Beauty Standards

"Both of these women are Indian, but you can bet which person the media will focus on more."

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Twitter user @TheCarolDanvers recently uploaded these two pictures to make a point about Indian beauty standards.

both of these women are indian but you can bet which person the media will focus on more

In just a few hours, the tweet had over 1,200 retweets.

It was part of a series of tweets she wrote about the portrayal of people of colour in the media around the world.

seeing things like this is no suprise as the media feed us this self-hatred, just note how whitewashed poc are

Her tweets about Bollywood were especially damning.

A lot of people even came forward with their own stories.


@THECAROLDANVERS its engrained into my head that my dark skin is ugly an i hate summer bc I don't wanna tan

@THECAROLDANVERS My skin is darker than "the ideal" for Indian women, and I would have relatives telling my mom I need to bleach it @ age 7!

Hear that? That's the sound of a thousand truth bombs dropping.


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