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This Dude Makes A Praying Mantis Lip-Sync Rap Songs; The Internet Has Made Us All Mad

What a time to be alive.

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Meet Pankaj. Pankaj is a praying mantis. Pankaj is also the fiercest rapper to hit the scene since Yo Yo Honey Singh sang about dope-shope and brown-skinned girls.

Abhishek Madan / Via

A few months ago, Twitter user @AbhishekMadan found Pankaj on some stairs, and as one is expected to do in such a situation, shot a 20-second rap song with him.

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And now, Madan has dropped Pankaj's second single "Ladies Mantis".

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Full disclosure – It's not actually the same mantis. Madan found this one on his balcony and decided the time was nigh to expand the Pankaj discography.

Kendrick Lamar who, right?