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    Durex "Announced" Eggplant-Flavoured Condoms And Twitter's Been A Real Dick About It

    Don't worry though, they're not real, at least for now...

    Earlier today, Durex announced the launch of a new line of products that no one asked for – eggplant-flavoured condoms.

    Real or not, they might have pushed the envelope a little too much this time, going by how the reactions have been.

    Indian Twitter, in particular, has been very disapproving of the idea, with the eggplant being the key ingredient in one of the country's most beloved dishes, baingan ka bharta...

    The one genuinely indian vegetable according to vir sanghvi's food column this weekend.

    Which makes it something people just don't want associated with sex.

    Baingan flavoured condoms so good girls can remember mummy and stop the blowjob right there.

    I'll never see baingan Ka bharta in the same way ever again.

    Some users, of course, took the opportunity to make the obvious puns:

    Guy at chemist : give me Aubergine condoms Bengali chemist: Sir,We don't have separate condoms for Bhergins

    For moments when you want to make bharta out of his dick 🍆

    "Would you like some stuffed baingan?"

    Who called it brinjal flavoured condom and not baingan ko bharta

    While others had different priorities:

    Waiting for Tinda and Beans flavour 😂

    Pls launch cucumber flavour too. Thanks.

    But hey, in the end, Durex got people talking and got the publicity it wanted.

    Meanwhile, Twitter's jokes:


    This post has been updated to reflect that these disgusting-sounding condoms are thankfully not real.