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FYI, These Are The "Sex Sites" Amitabh Bachchan Had Been Following On Twitter For Over A Year

That didn't take long.

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This morning, Amitabh Bachchan broke the internet by announcing that someone had hacked his account and followed "sex sites" from it:

T 1980 -WHOA !..My Twitter handle hacked ! Sex sites planted as 'following' ! Whoever did this, try someone else, buddy, I don't need this !

This announcement comes after a blissful 20 months of apparently not noticing the presence of these handles on his timeline.

A Reddit user pointed out in January of 2014 that the Bollywood legend had started following some rather ~offbeat~ Twitter accounts.

Here is a sampling of tweets from @HornyFacts...

where are the females like this!? 😩💕


Here's @SexFactsOfLife...

And "Male Thoughts"...

(Btw, he hasn't unfollowed this one yet.)

And, hey, there's nothing actually wrong with anyone following these accounts. But Bachchan's followers have been less than convinced of his innocence in the matter.

@SrBachchan Duly filed under #NiceTry

@SrBachchan sach sach batao sir, jaya aunty jhadu leke piche daudi na !