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    This Stand-Up Set About Small-Town Boys Wooing City Women Has Blown The Hell Up

    "My one-word English answers aren't about attitude, they're compulsion."

    Comedian Zakir Khan recently uploaded a video of a stand-up set, in which he talked about the realities of urban dating for men who grew up in small towns.

    Zakir Khan / Via

    The set was performed at the AIB Diwas event in Mumbai back in February.

    Khan talked about how he interacts with women, like this anecdote about a pretty girl he met on a plane:

    Zakir Khan / Via

    A lot of Indian men have related like mad to Khan's video, including the part about what it's like to text with women when your English is weak.

    Zakir Khan / Via

    Khan's video has already been viewed and shared lakhs of times after being posted by popular Facebook pages.

    Watch the hilarious and brutally honest set here:

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