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Amazon India Just Asked The Toughest (And Worst) Quiz Question Of All Time

How was anyone supposed to answer this?

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To celebrate A.R. Rahman's birthday, Amazon India decided to ask their followers a question about the musical legend.

Connect this pic with today's birthday boy, A.R.Rahman! :) #HDBARRahman @arrahman

But 20 minutes passed, and no one could answer the question. So they decided to give a clue.

.@arrahman The above quiz is for dedicated Rahman fans! Need a clue? Here goes: 'dropped'. ;)

When no one gave the correct answer even after an hour, they decided to give out another clue.

.@arrahman Looks like this is a toughie! Here's clue no.2 - 'Subhash Ghai' :) How would you connect the pic with Rahman, now? #HDBARRahman

There were a lot of creative guesses, none of which were right.

Eventually, almost three hours after asking the question, Amazon realised that no one was going to get it and decided to tell people the answer themselves.

.@arrahman Answer: "Shikhar was dropped". Amla dropped Shikhar's catch (137vs.SA,WC '15). Ghai-Rahman's movie Shikhar was dropped too!


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People were understandably a little thrown aback by the convolutedness of it all.

Pretty sure A R Rahman is now regretting his birthday after reading this quiz question and answer.

@arrahman seriously @amazonIN ... SMH 😒

And no one was amused.

Presenting the worst quiz question in the history of the world. Take a bow @amazonIN !!

Even Hindi news channels wouldn't have been able to come up with this. Really, @amazonIN?

This will be quoted again and again whenever a brand asks a quizzing co./ good content dev. why they shd pay (well).

Get it together, Amazon.