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    Posted on 26 Oct 2016

    13 Hilarious Alternative Names Twitter Has Suggested For "Winter" In Mumbai

    "Winterlet? Winterish? Diet Garmi? Chhota Summer?"

    While most of the country is busy being graced by winter, what Mumbai gets is a few weeks when stepping outside won't get you scorched or soaked.

    Sebastian D'souza / AFP / Getty Images

    Comedian Rohan Joshi went on a bit of rant about Mumbai winters on Twitter earlier today:

    Nothing is wet, it's slightly cool early in the mornings and also whenever one is in the shade. Congratulations Mumbai, "winter" is here.

    He proposed that the city needs a new name for the season, since "winter" is definitely not an accurate description for it:

    Bombay needs a new, unique name for the final season of the year because it isn't really winter. If winter is a dump, what we get is a fart

    1. And, thus, the hashtag #AlternativeBombayWinterNames was born.

    Winterlet, Winterish, Diet Garmi, Chhota Summer #AlternativeBombayWinterNames

    2. It turns out that people have a lot of thoughts about Mumbai's questionable climate, because the suggestions came thick and fast:

    @mojorojo "the week of wearing your Zara-sale-wala full sleeve t-shirt" #alternativebombaywinternames


    @mojorojo Chootiya banaya, bada maza aaya. #alternativebombaywinternames


    @mojorojo Loseter. Coz this sure ain't no win. #AlternativeBombayWintername


    6. Like, everyone had an opinion.


    @mojorojo Four seasons in bombay - Summer Grande, Summer Rainy, Summer October, Summer Jr.




    @mojorojo Santa ka Sauna #AlternativeBombayWinterNames



    Zindagi Jhand, fir bhi zero Thand! @mojorojo #AlternativeBombayWinterNames

    13. While everyone agreed that "winter" is a misnomer, a consensus on an alternate term is yet to be reached.

    @mojorojo Bombay seasons: Summer Monsoon Wet/2nd Summer Not Summer Harvest Time Summer and so on

    Until then, season's greetings to you, residents of Mumbai. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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