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    Posted on 24 Sep 2015

    Meet The Alia Bhatt Superfan Who's Going To Hilarious Lengths Just For A Reply From Her On Twitter

    B.P. Chaube is a simple man with simple tastes, and all he wants is for his favourite actress to acknowledge him.

    This is Brahma Prakash Chaube who, among other things, is Alia Bhatt's biggest fan in the entire universe.

    (Seriously. He's been to space to verify this claim.)

    Me on Moon with my Bajaj Discover 125cc Jai Hind

    He tries to show her that they make a better couple than any pretty boy actor she can pair up with.

    बस ये ना कहना की तुम मेरी नही हो , बाकि हर बात तुम्हारी मंजुर है मुझको

    I mean, Shahid who, amirite?

    same to same photo like @aliaa08 little correxon also..hehe

    He wants her to know what a fun time they'll have IRL.

    Me with @aliaa08 in party tonight wohoo...rock and rol baby

    And he's ready to spend money on her.

    Activated 1 GB net peck....with @vodafone sim card Only for @aliaa08 i will back on twitter

    Like, insane amounts.

    I go watch other films too for treler of Shaandaar....only to watch @aliaa08 .. 80 rs Ticket.. but one look is anmol

    All this, and she won't have to change for him at all. No, sir.

    Dear @aliaa08 if you don't want to become Aliaa problem.. you can be bhatt..please talk to when soon as possible

    Although, his mom might have a word or two to say about her wardrobe.

    Dear @aliaa08 Why less clothes? Only me can see you like else :( What my mother say?

    Yea, that bikini look will seriously not fly.

    And even though Alia hasn't replied to him yet, he's a patient man.

    One day @aliaa08 will talk, then i am laugh badly on you all ---------in fanship no ameer and gareeb!

    He's ready to "wet" for her forever.

    One month on twitter and @aliaa08 not talk to me..but busy also...I will wet..she is rich but very day talk to me

    Heck, he's even tried to get Twitter to verify his profile in the meantime, just so Alia knows he's not some creep.

    Hello @twitter please givs me blue tick when soon as possible. Need other document?

    Umm, yeah. If you didn't already know, being a star can have some weird side effects.

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