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11 Times Mallus Were The Most Baller People Ever


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1. When they couldn't bother with queues during demonetisation, and found an ingenious solution to the problem.

2. When even their politicians knew the real issues that needed to be given priority.

3. When Argentinian fans around the state went extra showing their support for the team before the 2014 World Cup.

4. When a college used adult film stars Sunny Leone, Mia Khalifa, and Johnny Sins to welcome their new batch of freshers.

5. When matters of true public interest were brought to the Kerala High Court's attention.

6. And when the court went full Shakespeare in a judgement about said matter.

7. When their convicts were given a new lease on life with the most amazing makeover.

8. When this pair of twins got married to another pair of twins, officiated by a pair of twins.

I mean, what's more baller than that?
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I mean, what's more baller than that?

9. When this businessman loved Baahubali so much, he threw a ₹55 Crore wedding for his daughter inspired by it.

10. When someone used no less than a luxury sports car to carry their prized haul.

11. And when this sign truly captured the magic of god's own country.