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    A Woman Wrote A Powerful Series Of Tweets On Child Abuse After Trolls Attacked Barkha Dutt

    "Childhood sexual abuse is real. REALLY fucking real."

    Journalist and author Barkha Dutt recently opened up about being a child sexual abuse survivor in her new book This Unquiet Land - Stories from India's Fault Lines.

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    Dutt faced misogynist attacks from online trolls and Men's Rights Activists after the revelations became public.

    Twitter user Harnidh Kaur wrote a series of tweets about child sexual abuse and how much damage the trolls were doing.

    Users have retweeted and responded to the thread with great support.

    "I've been working with issues concerning feminism, equality, abuse, for a really long time. I've had people from all walks of life open up about abuse that they didn't even *realise* was abuse till they read what I had to say," Kaur told BuzzFeed.

    Twitter: @imehul

    "Recently, Barkha Dutt opened up about sexual abuse she suffered as a child, only to face a volley of online trolling and abuse. I'm a poet, and a writer, and I thought there's no better way to explain the gravity of this by illustrating it for everyone to see. Words have so much power, and ability the ability to create empathy. I just tried to consolidate as many experiences as I could into a relatable narrative," she added.

    For more information about child sexual abuse, visit Childline India Foundation.

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