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A Desi Student's Anti-Colonialism Presentation Made Her A Viral Meme Amongst White People

Irony just colonised itself.

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On January 28, Kiren Rizvi, a student of Morris Hills High School, New Jersey, uploaded a photo of herself during a presentation for her AP Art History class.

The tweet went massively viral, gaining over 13,500 RTs in under a week.

The presentation, titled "Crimes Of Western Imperialism", took a funny and sarcastic look at how colonialism affected different parts of the world.

Kiren Rizvi

Rizvi also uploaded other photos from the presentation, all of which were retweeted thousands of times.

when u do a presentation on the atrocities caused by western imperialism

another slide from my presentation

Within a few days, Rizvi's images started making the rounds on Tumblr.

It was also shared by popular Twitter accounts such as @CommonWhiteGirl...

And @FirstWorldPains.

Which has been very puzzling to Rizvi.

"Personally, I didn't really think the presentation was as funny. I tried to mix facts and jokes, and used the powerpoint mostly as visual cues while I explained history facts," Rizvi told BuzzFeed.

Of course, becoming a meme in the first world is the least of Rizvi's worries right now.

i think lots of paki shias followed me after tht tweet i hope none of u know my mom pls dnt tell her im on the internet i will get the jooti