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A Desi Student's Anti-Colonialism Presentation Made Her A Viral Meme Amongst White People

Irony just colonised itself.

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On January 28, Kiren Rizvi, a student of Morris Hills High School, New Jersey, uploaded a photo of herself during a presentation for her AP Art History class.

The tweet went massively viral, gaining over 13,500 RTs in under a week.

Rizvi also uploaded other photos from the presentation, all of which were retweeted thousands of times.

when u do a presentation on the atrocities caused by western imperialism

another slide from my presentation


It was also shared by popular Twitter accounts such as @CommonWhiteGirl...

And @FirstWorldPains.

Of course, becoming a meme in the first world is the least of Rizvi's worries right now.

i think lots of paki shias followed me after tht tweet i hope none of u know my mom pls dnt tell her im on the internet i will get the jooti