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    21 Priceless Twitter Comebacks That Should Be Framed In A Museum

    The undisputed hall of fame.

    1. This reality check.

    2. This unfortunate truth.

    3. This unrealistic hope.

    4. This very literal response.

    5. This recurring struggle.

    6. This naive query.

    7. This foreign language burn.

    8. This straight-up fact.

    9. This revelation.

    10. This fair bemusement.

    11. This daily alarm.

    12. This sad reality.

    13. This food fight.

    14. This extremely accurate observation.

    15. This non-Arsenal fan's disapproval.

    16. This unimpressed fact check.

    17. This extremely flowery retort.

    18. This expectation.

    19. This universal bond.

    20. This sass.

    21. And this unhappy celebrity namesake.

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