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15 Hopeful, Beautiful Reactions To Supreme Court's Homosexuality Ruling

"Baby steps towards the rainbow at the end! :)"

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On February 2, India's Supreme Court ruled that it would reopen discussion on Section 377, a law criminalising homosexuality which the same court had upheld in 2013.

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1. People have reacted to the ruling with cautious optimism and hopefulness.

Not celebrating yet. But another day. And hope at the end of the rainbow...


YES. Thank you India's Supreme Court for this ray of hope! #Section377 #Sec377


We reiterate that silencing voices against #Sec377 won't stand the test of time. The tide has already turned, even if the state remains put.


#Sec377 I sincerely hope today's SC verdict is a landmark one celebrating individual freedom to live life on one's own terms.


Baby steps towards the rainbow at the end! :)


Constitution feels better already :)



For today this is good news, says LGBT Activist Elena on SC hearing on #Sec377


Still a long, long way to go but omg this is pretty huge! #sec377


Hopeful to yet again in a democratic set-up have a way to argue for our rights- Gautam Bhan, LGBT Activist #Sec377


It is time as a society to grow up ( its 2016 not bloddy 1885) #Scrap377


“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” #Section377 #Scrap377


Even if SC were to reject this today, we'd still be as strong as we were before: Darshina, LGBT activist #Section377


SC admits review petition against Section 377. Let's hope long denied justice is done. #Section377


What I call deviant behavior is having #Section377 peeping in the bedrooms of consenting adults having sex.