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Posted on Feb 28, 2016

We Tried Insane Fashion Week Makeup And It Was The Absolute Most

"I look like an Angry Bird."

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Every year, all sorts of crazy trends emerge from fashion weeks around the globe, but how realistic are they for every day style-lovers. The plebeians of Ladylike decided to take some looks and try them out for themselves.

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Safiya was blessed with the frosty white hair and bold AF black lip from Rihanna's star-studded show.

After getting over the initial shock of looking slightly deranged, she felt extremely fabulous.

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Freddie was rolled in glitter after seeing the glitter contour at the Opening Ceremony NYFW show.

Kristi Elizabeth / @ktroccoli

TBH, she was given a look that would make Kesha jealous.

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Finally, Candace was given the bold brows as seen in the Hood by Air show.

IMAXTREE / MatteoScarpellini/

She was feelin' her look, but also felt like she would make an Angry Bird proud.

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The ladies then decided to continue their day like nothing weird was happening on their faces. Needless to say, friends and strangers alike were a little taken aback.

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HOWEVER, after their shock wore off, people got really into the looks.

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It definitely proved that it's not the look that makes the person, it's the person that makes the look. If you got it, rock it.

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