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    17 Things That Definitely, Absolutely Do Not Spark Joy

    Threw my bills away. They didn't spark joy.

    1. Student loans

    i’ve decided that my student loans don’t spark joy

    @RachLWhitehurst / Via Twitter: @RachLWhitehurst

    2. Bras

    I think I have this whole #KonMari thing down @MarieKondo

    @mlee3580 / Via Twitter: @mlee3580

    3. Everything except for dogs and vodka

    Please. If I got rid of all the shit that doesn’t “spark joy” I would be left holding my dog and a bottle of vodka. On the side of the road. The end. #MarieKondo #SparkJoy

    @MariaCRC / Via Twitter: @MariaCRC

    4. Their husbands and kids

    I tried the Marie Kondo method for decluttering my home and got rid of anything that didn’t spark joy. I feel really good about it but my husband and kids are ruining the moment by trying to get back inside the house.

    @Pandamoanimum / Via Twitter: @Pandamoanimum

    5. Bathroom scales

    I threw my scale away because it didn’t spark joy. #MarieKondoChallenge #tidyingupwithmariekondo

    @RiskyWhiskee / Via Twitter: @RiskyWhiskee

    6. Donald Trump

    Marie Kondo, Can we get rid of Trump now? The country has already spent two years thinking about it, and he doesn’t spark joy. #TidyingUp

    @DGComedy / Via Twitter: @DGComedy

    7. Uteruses

    My uterus doesn’t spark joy, how do I KonMari it?

    @bookhoarding / Via Twitter: @bookhoarding

    8. Everything but wine and coffee

    Decided to jump on the @MarieKondo bandwagon and only keep things in my house that "spark joy." Honestly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Seemed pretty straightforward to me.

    @WayfinderTarot / Via Twitter: @WayfinderTarot

    9. Emails

    What if my whole email inbox doesn't spark joy? What do I do now Marie Kondo?

    @audreyassad / Via Twitter: @audreyassad

    10. Romance

    After watching Marie Kondo's show, I'm no longer going to keep romantic feelings towards ppl since it does not spark joy

    @Big_Skin / Via Twitter: @Big_Skib

    11. Themselves

    Marie Kondo: Throw it away if it doesn’t spark joy Me:

    @Annie_Michelle_ / Via Twitter: @Annie_Michelle_

    12. Nosy relatives

    Relatives: So when is your marriage? Me: *Throwing them out all the while yelling* "THIS ONE DOES NOT SPARK JOY"

    @minhoshe / Via Twitter: @minhoshe

    13. Their bills

    Threw my bills away cuz they didn’t spark joy.

    @RonFunches / Via Twitter: @RonFunches

    14. Homework

    Gonna tell my professors I didn’t do the homework ‘cause it didn’t spark joy for me

    @FeelingFisky / Via Twitter: @FeelingFisky

    15. People they follow on social media

    Thinking about Marie Kondo-ing Facebook and Instagram since they seem to bring me more eye rolling frustration than joy. #DetoxofOtherPeoplesLives

    @Ashley_Pullen / Via Twitter: @Ashley_Pullen

    16. Getting out of bed

    Getting out of bed does not spark joy

    @kortneyblank / Via Twitter: @kortneyblank

    17. And potentially just anyone in their lives

    let’s be honest, the Marie Kondo method also applies to people in your life “do they spark joy? any emotion at all? mostly heartburn? then back into the giant mix n mingle you go”

    @aparnapkin / Via Twitter: @aparnapkin

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