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This Hot Guy Is Allegedly 50 Years Old And It Will Actually Blow Your Mind

Get your water ready, sweeties, we're dropping the thirst pics now.

You girls and gays read the headline and I have hot photos for y'all, so let's just get to it, OK?

This is ChuanDo Tan. He's a model and photographer.

He's ~a man~. But there's one thing about him that has me shivering...

Y'all. . . this is ChuanDo Tan. He is FIFTY years old. . . and, I can't pick my jaw up off the floor.…


*Patrick voice* LOOK AT IT.


Here he is in glasses, because he's a smart daddy.

Here he is with a ~blurry aesthetic~ because at 50 he's way better at social media than I am.

Here he is in the shortest of shorts because I deserve to see and so do you.

Here he is suddenly making me love exercise.

Here he is ~glistening~...

Here he is where he...just OMG.




I'm trembling.

In conclusion, same.

PS: Here's me thirst-following him, because I'm the worst.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Tan for confirmation of his age (but in the meantime enjoy his pics anyway).