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    Posted on Jul 11, 2017

    If You've Been Waiting To Turn 21, Sorry, But It's Low-Key Overrated

    No offense to 21, but it's not that great.

    ATTENTION! I have an announcement to make.

    @badgirlriri / Instagram

    Listen up, because I'm serving the ~truth~.

    Turning 21 is overrated!


    I know what some of you are thinking.

    Harpo Productions / Via

    "How could this fetus know what's overrated about being 21?" —You, a non-intellectual

    Well, I racked up the receipts and compiled them here.

    ABC / Via

    You're welcome, sweeties. (:

    You expect to finally be treated like an adult by the world.

    VH1 / Via

    I mean, you've lived for 21 years, so you def know everything, right?

    But your parents still own you because they literally pay all of your bills.

    Disney / Via

    And the o*ds still write articles about how people your age are single-handedly ruining restaurants and the housing market.

    Business Insider / Twitter

    Damn you, avocado toast!

    You think you'll be able to roll into every bar no questions asked.

    CBS / Via

    But you'll still get stopped by the bouncer because you have a severe case of fetus-face.

    Disney / Via

    He'll literally spend a solid three minutes looking at your face for the puberty that never found itself there.

    You'll have so many weekend plans...


    ...except most of your friends aren't 21 yet, so you're sitting around the bar reflecting on your decisions...

    VH1 / Via

    ^Exclusive footage of you.

    ...and you realize that bars are pretty much like the parties you attended when you were underage.

    MTV / Via

    But you'll also have to pay 14805203x as much for the booze.

    You'd like to go out all the time...

    GlobalTV / Via

    ...until you realize how exhausting it is.

    And now you don't have the excuse of being a child to avoid staying out. RIP you.

    A touch of good news: You don't have to have someone buy alcohol for you.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Bad news: You'll be bombarded by children asking you to buy for them.


    ^You and your high school friend going to the gas station to buy beer.

    You think about how you can get someone cute to buy your drinks...

    CBS / Via

    ...only to realize that you don't like human interaction, so you decide to buy your own.

    NBC / Via

    $5 PBRs for you, I guess.

    So in short, being 21 means nothing.

    FOX / Via

    So pour one up and have fun, kiddos! (:

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