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People Who Are Having A Boring Summer Can Relate To These 19 Tweets

"What did you do this summer?" *awkward silence*

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1. When you've been dreading s*mmer and then it finally comes.

Friend: I'm so happy it's summer already Me:

2. You're not ready for it — at all.

me going into the summer dehydrated, lacking sleep,broke, depressed but trying to use fake positivity to pretend my…

3. "Can it be fall again?" —you probably.

me: "this summer is going to be amazing, i'm going out, i won't let my anxiety make me stay home" my anxiety:


4. Your friends want to hang out, but no one ever follows through.

"Let's hang out this summer!" Me when I see them on the first day of school: "LeTs HaNg OUt tHiS SumMeR"

5. Luckily, you do have some getaway plans.

"Where are you traveling to this summer?" me:

6. Part way through June, you start to miss school.

At uni if you were bored you just walk down the hall to see your friends. At home you sit around realize how boring your life really is

7. You try to fill your schedule with ~cool~ things to do...

Me this summer without a job while all my friends are busy all the time


8. ...and even consult Google for help.

9. But because social media exists, you end up with a major case of FOMO.

When you go on snapchat and see everyone else having a lit summer

10. You think you're ready for the lonely life.

The "what did you do this summer?" starter pack:

11. And puppers can't detect dullness, so you you have at least one friend.


12. So you try to be positive...

13. ..but halfway through July, you realize you've done nothing.

Realizing ur summer plans so far only consist of work, sleeping, and constant anxiety

14. You consult your good friend television for help...

"What did you do this summer?" "Oh you know, ticked everything off my list." "Really what?" "Riverdale, stranger things, HTGAWM..."

15. ...and maybe even reconnect with an old friend.

"What did you do this summer?" Me: *don't say u watched Shrek 74 times, don't say u watched Shrek 74 times, ...* I watched Shrek 74 times


16. Despite all of your "plans," summer just isn't your ~season~.

18. ...and even though it sucks to say you had a bad summer, you get through it!

Me talking to myself after accomplishing nothing all summer

19. So when the first day rolls by, you'll walk into class with pride, ready to embrace your blandness like the icon you are.

me walking into school knowing i spent all my time doing nothing all summer long

You: queen of having a boring summer.