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    I, A Non-Stoner, Tried Out A Dating App For Stoners And Here Are My Thoughts

    It's Shaggy-approved.

    YOOOOO, friends! Today I put on my scientist glasses and did ~something~ for the sake of the ice cream-eating, Bachelor-watching, cat-hugging single crowd. If you don't fall into this, please leave!*

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    *But not really — we stan the couple crowd, too.

    I know a lot of us say we hate dating (especially for those of us who hate m*n), but because we're hypocrites, I tried a new dating app for you to (maybe?) download. Buckle up, betches.

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    Finally, another thing to potentially spend endless time. Exactly what you needed.

    The app is called High There!, and its primary users are...wait for it...

    Hanna-Barbara Productions

    ...cannabis community members!

    Hanna-Barbara Productions

    You know, High There! Get it? They tried...

    The app claims to help the cannabis community by connecting people, bringing their interests to the forefront, and allowing them to make new ~buds~.

    High There!

    Everyone I know just disowned me after making that pun. Also, winking + arson + leaves + 100 = High There! That math makes sense, right?

    On the app, you're given the opportunity to look for friends, connects, dates, or deliveries.

    Saavon Smalls / High There! / Apple

    If you can't find you soulmate, maybe you'll find someone into pizza, college football, and turtles, as well!

    On your own profile, you can let potential friends/dates know your interests and and even write a bio about yourself.

    Saavon Smalls / High There! / Apple

    Not the most sure what I'd say to catch someone's attention on this app. "Into bud-dies"? IDK, LMK. Anyway, no one is friends with me on this app. :(

    Within the app, users can swipe left or right on each other, choosing to meet "later"* or say "High There!" The "swiping" process is a bit hard to get, though. It took me a few profiles to get that I was passing on people and not going through their photos.

    Saavon Smalls / High There! / Apple

    *"Meet Later"...@ High There!, sis, you know we're not talking to him ever again.

    The messaging is similar to most apps, so if you're looking to see what cannabis leaf text looks like, you're in the wrong place.

    High There!

    Also "Looks like you're close..." I'm calling the police on this person.

    If you're not into cannabis/dating the app claims you can still meet a new friend to be your foil a la every teen indie movie ever.

    Saavon Smalls / High There! / Apple

    me: a gay

    me: *maybe finds new BFF on this app?*

    me: *is left on read*

    me: *cries, is skeptical*

    Each profile also has a "vibe" rating, with users giving each other a 1-10 scale rating. I...have no rating. :///

    Saavon Smalls / High There! / Apple

    Buuuuuut, Stephen T. has no Vibe rating either and unlike me who's trying this out for ~science~, he's on here for real. Self-validation truly won this round.

    As the app was recently released, we don't know its complete effectiveness. It wasn't really a match for me, a sham, but why not try? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Swipe, and (maybe) meet the guy/gal/non-binary pal of your dreams.

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    "Let's blaze it" — you, I guess? IDK, I'm not a matchmaker.

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