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    Posted on Jul 29, 2017

    A Definitive Ranking Of Justin Bieber's Weirdest Instagram Posts

    "Feet on fleek."

    19. When he gave us this random close-up of his friend Joe.

    18. When he posted such ~life-changing~ advice, he had to whisper it...

    17. When he single-handedly brought back jazz music.

    16. When he became the king of oral hygiene after having his dentist check his chipped tooth...

    15. ...and then gave us the receipts of said chipped tooth.

    14. When a fun trip to the beach became an #IlluminatiExposedParty.

    13. When he had caffeine for the first time ever after having an iced coffee.

    12. When he saved Drake's "Views" album sales by photoshopping him on his shoulder.

    11. When Joe got attacked by a shark and Justin decided to take an Insta rather than go to the hospital.

    10. When he embraced his love of memes and his eery similarity to Halsey.

    9. When he gave this fan the opportunity to FaceTime him...and he missed the call! 😱

    8. And when he had conjunctivitis and wanted to show everyone.

    7. When he decided to showcase the dre*ds.

    6. When he was at one with nature's beauty...

    5. much so he took another photo on a separate cell phone to compare the quality of each.

    4. When he show us what ~proper~ footcare looks like when he called he said his feet were "on fleek."

    3. When he earned a Pulitzer for this exposé of Miranda Cosgrove.

    2. When he posted...this.

    1. And when he posted an ~extra special~ throwback Thursday.

    BONUS: This isn't weird, but when he shaded Taylor Swift.

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