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Why Penny The Golden Retriever Will Make A Great Service Dog For A Wounded Warrior

Meet Penny. She's a Golden Retriever happily preparing to become a service dog for wounded warriors. (Pictures from Penny's Facebook Page!)

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1. This is Penny.

She likes to smile.

She likes to smile.

2. She likes to smile A LOT.

She also likes snow!

She also likes snow!

3. She brings peace.

And comfort.

And comfort.

4. Here she is bathed in light...

...and sharing her smiles.

...and sharing her smiles.

5. She makes friends wherever she goes!

Hi, Camel!

Hi, Camel!

6. She is there when you need her.

7. "I am here for you, bunny."

8. "Friends forever!"

9. She likes chatting with the neighbors while doing the dishes.

10. Grocery shopping is basically her favorite thing ever.

11. She tends to buy in bulk.

12. She loves peanut butter! Of course.

13. She plays catch and/or fetch.

14. She can internet.

15. She especially loves falling asleep while Skyping with her best buddy Mikey.

16. She's a pro at travelling to exotic lands.

17. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday.

18. She is a princess.

19. And a wizard!

20. She'll never forget your birthday.

21. Squirrel!

22. She's got quite the green paw.

23. She'll make sure you're eating healthy.

24. But she'll let you have some treats too.

25. She always knows how to have a good time.

26. But also loves some peace and quiet.

27. She dreams of serving her warrior...

..and finding her forever home!

..and finding her forever home!


Love Penny <3

Love Penny <3

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