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    11 Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair That Are Tail-Waggingly Good

    Drop the vacuum and invest in the best robot vacuum for pet hair — it's hands-free and time-saving, providing you with results that are fur-real.

    1. An iRobot Roomba 694 for the ultimutt hands-free cleaning experience. Cut down on dog hair tumbleweeds with its multisurface capability and voice-control ability.

    Reviewer photo of puppy sitting on top of black robot vacuum

    2. A Eufy by Anker robot vacuum with laser navigation that you won't need to constantly hound to clean. Using its AI technology, it automatically maps out your home, so it knows what room it's cleaning without you needing to manually map it out.

    3. A powerful robot vacuum for keeping up with your pet's constant shedding. The added mopping feature will also aid in adding an extra shine to your floors.

    4. A robot vacuum for pet hair that'll have you howling over how much cleaning time it saves. Enjoy a faster clean through the touch-of-a-button or tap of your phone.

    5. A paw-some robot vacuum for sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Gone are the days of manual floor cleaning once this vacuum touches your floors.

    6. A quiet robot vacuum that won't spook your pets — or wake the kids. Reviewers find they can listen to music or watch TV without interruption, allowing you to continue on with your day while it does the cleaning.

    7. A splurge-worthy robot vacuum for pet hair for a puggin' good deep-clean. Since it was designed with smart technology, each automatic software update it goes through will provide you with additional features to improve and add to its cleaning capabilities.

    8. A robot vacuum if you're looking for a budget-friendly and long-lasting machine. You don't always have to break the bank for a quality device and this one may earn two paws up for its cleaning capability and added features — and did we mention it's under $200?

    Reviewer image of blue robot vacuum charging moving on carpet

    9. A Bissell robot vacuum and mop that's double the cleaning so you can spend more time playing with your furry friends.

    Reviewer image of white robot vacuum in charging dock next to filter filled with dust and hair

    10. An iHome robot vacuum ready to take on your pet-hair-filled carpets. You can actually customize your cleaning to be quiet, normal, or kick it into hyperdrive for when you skip a day (or two) of cleaning.

    11. A versatile robot vacuum to clean pet hair and more of life's little messes. It comes made with a detachable handheld vacuum for higher-up messes, including fur on the couch.

    Product image of black and white robot vacuum on carpet and black handheld vacuum on top of a white table

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