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    28 Cleaning Products That'll Help Your Home Look Spotless With Little To No Effort

    Because no one wants to waste their valuable energy on cleaning all day.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A robotic vacuum that'll constantly and effortlessly keep the dust and dirt off the floor for you, even getting those annoying areas like under the table.


    This robo vac can easily move between hard floors and low-pile carpets/rugs and can pick up all the accumulated dust, dirt, and hair while you go about your day.

    Promising review: "I set it up to go around my house once a day while I'm at work and I have never been disappointed. The amount of cat hair and dirt/dust that it picks up every day is disgusting. I LOVE IT. I couldn't believe that EVERY DAY there is that much dirt on my floor that I would have waited until the weekend to sweep or vacuum up. There is no longer the feeling of little bits of dirt on your feet while walking through the house barefoot. I highly recommend this vacuum for the price and for what we bought it for — to sweep/vacuum our hardwood floors and minimal carpets." —Ally Thomas

    Get it from Amazon for $219.99 (available in two colors).

    2. And a robotic mop, because obviously that old mop and bucket are outdated and causing you way too much inconvenience. This helpful gadget has a precision jet spray and a vibrating cleaning head to make sure it gets up the dirt.

    IRobot robotic mop spraying cleaning solution on hardwood floor

    Promising review: "It’s really hard keeping my house clean between a 7-year-old, husband and three dogs. So after getting a vacuum robot and how wonderful that was, I decided I should get one to mop. I hate mopping. And this little guy saved my life. I let it charge for about an hour or so to get a full charge then let it clean my hall, kitchen and dining area. It did amazing. I can’t really complain because this little thing just made my life easier." —Loren

    Get it from Amazon for $179.99.

    3. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner, because I'm guessing those sauce and cheese splatters have been living in there for a bit too long. This eco-friendly option uses steam to loosen up the gunk. Just add some vinegar and water, microwave for seven minutes, and wipe it out.

    Promising review: "This little device is great and it's super simple. Fill to the lines with vinegar and water, nuke for seven minutes, let it sit for two minutes, then wipe clean. My embarrassingly super gross microwave wiped completely clean with a couple of paper towels. I highly recommend this." —UglyPetty

    Get it from Amazon for $7.50+ (available in four colors).

    4. Or a tub of microwave and cooktop wipes to easily wipe away the splattered mess that's been hiding in there in one swoop.

    Promising review: "My microwave was a mess because we have a son who only cooks if he can microwave it. I despise cleaning the microwave. These wipes were a dream. I didn't have to scrub. Everything wiped right off! Now I need to teach my son how to use them!" —Jennifer Hardy

    Get a pack of 30 wipes and a large microfiber cloth from Amazon for $9.97 (also available in a pack of 60).

    5. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tabs that'll remove all the grime from inside your machine (yes, it does need to be cleaned in there) and stop it from having any weird smells and hidden residue. Although you don't have to do anything except pop a tablet in, you'll likely notice the difference when you open your machine and when those dishes start looking extra squeaky clean.

    These tablets are designed to penetrate, dissolve, and remove residue that can make your dishwasher stink. They also help get rid of lime and mineral buildup that can appear inside your dishwasher. Use them once a month to keep your dishwasher fresh and clean!

    Promising review: "Works extremely well. We haven't done any cleaning on our dishwasher in five years, and the sliding trays were tough to pull out and push in, there was detergent build up all over the inside, and there was a milky film on all our cups. I bought this, ran the dishwasher with two tablets while it was empty, and the difference was astounding. There was still some buildup and I figured it would require another cycle, so I popped another two tablets in, ran the machine a second time, and now it looks and sounds brand new. No more film on the glasses, no more dirty dishes from clogged sprayers, no more odors, and no more buildup around the door seals." —Martoune

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $5.99.

    6. A pack of stainless steel wipes to conveniently clean, polish, and shine your kitchen appliances. No elbow grease required.

    Reviewer showing their dirty sink with cup rings and residue next to their after photo of the sink looking spotless

    Promising review: "I purchased these wipes to clean my stainless-steel refrigerator. I wanted something that would remove water stains and restore the shine, and these wipes delivered! After a few minutes of vigorously wiping back and forth along the grain my refrigerator was looking brand-new. I was impressed with the results and noticed that the canister said the wipes could be used on sinks, so I tried one in my stainless steel sink to see what would happen. As you can see from the pictures, after just a few minutes of cleaning my sink was sparkling and incredible! I began cleaning all of the stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen, and just a few wipes and 20 minutes later my kitchen was looking better than ever." —Connor

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $15.60.

    7. A bleach-free powder cleaner that'll easily remove rust, tarnish, and stains from your sink, floor, dishes, and more. You're going to be pouring this stuff everywhere once you see how well it works (and how much simpler it is to remove stains).

    Promising review: "The stove that came with our apartment was covered in burnt-on gunk from the previous tenant. Nothing we did would get it off. Finally after a year I saw this product recommended and decided to give it a try. This took it ALL off. Wish I knew about this sooner! I did the sink too and now it’s sparkly too! ✨✨✨" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.39.

    8. A multipurpose cleaner formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients that can take the place of several of your other cleaners — making cleaning days a lot more simple. Use it to boost your laundry detergent, get out stains on clothes and carpets, tidy surfaces, and more. A little goes a long way and reviewers LOVE the way it smells.

    three bottles of the cleaner in scents frankincense and myrth, sandalwood, and nag champa
    Good Vibes

    This concentrate should be diluted with water for surface cleaning!

    Good Vibes is a Black woman-owned business that sells plant-based multi-surface cleaners in unique fragrances that can be used all over the house.

    Promising review: "I can't even begin to describe the amount of tranquility and peace this scent brings into my home. GVAPC can be used for so many cleaning needs, in various strengths, and a little goes a very long way! The scent is not overwhelming and irritating, and the cleaning power is unrivaled, all while being non-toxic. What more can you ask for?" —Heather A.

    Get it from Good Vibes for $10 (available in two sizes and seven scents, including unscented).

    9. A Dawn Platinum Powerwash dish spray starter kit you can conveniently spray over your dishes and then easily wipe away the grease and other food residue, without having to do a bunch of scrubbing.

    The Dawn Powerwash being sprayed on a sink full of dishes

    I've used this dish spray and I like it because it's effective, easy, and smells really nice. Each spray seems to go a long way and I don't feel like I have to sit there and endlessly scrub at everything. It definitely makes doing the dishes quicker and easier.

    Promising review: "Removes grease quickly. I’ve used it in bacon grease and in cleaning my pots and pans. Fresh smell and really suds up. Love the product." —Dexter

    Get it from Target for $10.36.

    10. And a pair of silicone dish-washing gloves so you can skip the sponge altogether and zoom through that pile of dirty plates.,

    Promising review: "I bought these gloves to save my dry cracking hands and they are wonderful! I just had a baby and I’m constantly washing bottles and pumping accessories, therefore constantly washing my hands, and they are taking a beating. I love these gloves because I can still wash my bottles in hot water and can’t feel the heat through the gloves. I also love that they have bristles on the palms so I can wash anything with them. They are a little big on me, but other than that they are a great pair of cleaning gloves!" —Kelsi Wilde

    Get them from Amazon for $7.99 (available in three colors).

    11. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets that'll make your grimy travel mugs, water bottles, and coffee pot look brand new without any scrubbing. Now you won't have to be grossed out by the layers of stains every time you go to use them.

    They're completely biodegradable, chlorine-free, and environmentally safe. Each is individually packaged, so you don't have to worry about reaching for them with wet hands.

    Promising review: "I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting HydroFlask coffee mug, there was an impenetrable layer of black sludge. It grossed me out so much that I bought another mug to replace it. Eventually they both got black inside, so I tried these little magic tablets. I let one sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand-new. No weird smell or taste afterward, either. I liked it so much I used it on another bottle I use to hold my Bloody Mary mix in the fridge. I couldn't put anything else in it because it would always taste like spicy tomato juice. Bottle Bright to the rescue! No residual smell or taste anymore. AMAZING." —Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of 12 tablets from Amazon for $8 (available in two sizes).

    12. A septic-safe jetted tub system cleaner so you can get the junk out of your tub and actually be able to have a nice, relaxing bubble bath. There can be plenty of dirt and dead skin cells hiding in those jets and they have no business sticking around. Simply run your water, pour in some cleaner, and start your jets.

    reviewer's dirty tub before getting cleaned / the tub full of bubbles and visible dirt and rust / the tub after being cleaned looking shiny and stain-free

    And it takes just 15 minutes to see results!

    Promising review: "This stuff is seriously amazing! I am relentless about cleaning my tub because I use it so often. Before I purchased this, I used the typical homemade recipe of bleach and powdered dishwashing soap. I’d have to run two or three cycles to get it crystal clear. One cycle with this stuff, 15 minutes, and the results are amazing! I first ran my tub with the solution, then drained it and wiped it down with a sponge. When I refilled the tub up and reran the jets, I kid you not the water was CRYSTAL CLEAR! I’m so impressed!" —Chelsea

    Get it from Amazon: a bottle good for four cleans for $16.99, or a gallon good for 64 cleans for $59.99.

    13. A self-cleaning litter box because 1. no one likes to clean litter boxes and 2. your independent cat probably doesn't want you touching their stuff anyway.,

    It will automatically remove waste for weeks and when you do have to empty it eventually, you simply remove the tray and throw it away. No more scooping and getting litter all over the floor.

    Promising review: "All other boxes we have tried are messy, dirty and eventually smell bad. Clumping litter boxes track – yes even with those anti track mats – and stick to the boxes and eventually stink and need washed down. We bought this one since it was different and hadn’t tried it before. We have had it for over a month now and it’s the first one to be truly hands off and odor free for the month. Very quiet, hardly any tracking, no smell, and at the end of the month you just toss the box and used crystals out and put another one in and forget it." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $169.95+ (available in two designs and three colors).

    14. An oven scrub to swiftly wipe away the gross crispies and baked-on spills that may or may not have been accumulating since you moved in. Your oven will finally look clean again and you won't even break a sweat in the process.


    Cleaning Studio is an Etsy shop based in Fairfield, Connecticut that specializes in cleaning products.

    Promising review: "Finally tackled the rings on our stove top with this scrub and a reusable paper towel (as I was worried about using a scourer on an easily scratched surface) and the rings came right off! These are those "oh, crap, the pot boiled over" rings that I ignored that lead to my stove top looking a bit crusty. The oven scrub ate them right off and left my oven and stove top looking great." —Jessie Bono

    Get it from CleaningStudio on Etsy for $17.99+ (available in plastic or glass jar).

    15. An automatic scrubbing brush for a pretty effortless way of finally getting rid of that gross dirt piled between your tiles. Just move it back and forth and watch the grossness vanish.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed,

    Promising review: "Last night I was reborn. Everything I'd experienced up until that point suddenly was just 'before.' The present and future seemed like a beautiful, promising 'after.' 'What is the cause of this renewed zest for life?' you might ask. It was the use of the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber on my shower grout. It elevated a simple baking soda and water solution to alchemical proportions. This thing is nirvana. My pink-tiled shower, which never looks clean no matter how many hours of backbreaking and bicep-burning labor I put in, now looks bright, clean, full of promise. An otherwise disgusting and dated purely utilitarian part of my home is now art. This this is absolutely incredible. Buy it, see for yourself. 11/10 would recommend." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    If you want even more info, check out this full Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber review.

    16. A toilet gel you can stamp in to give your toilet bowl a little wash every time you flush. Yes, it's that simple. And each gel stamp lasts for up to 12 days.

    Scrubbing Bubbles

    And if you can't imagine not using your toilet brush, you can use the small remaining bit of gel to scrub down the bowl before applying more.

    Promising review: "These work really well. I used to clean my toilet every other week, but these really do keep it in check! The key to making these last and saving you money is PLACEMENT. Before applying, look to see how your toilet flushes and where the water cascades from. I found a location in my toilet where the water doesn't really drain, so I install the gel where water would not totally flush over it. I have noticed that after using the bathroom, it does seem to cover up any smells. Which is a plus!" —V_O_R

    Get up to 10 week's worth from Amazon for $3.34.

    17. A bar dish soap that'll give you sparkling clean dishes without any plastic, chemicals, fragrances — or fumbling around with a large squeeze bottle of liquid.

    Solid dish soap in tin next to dish brush
    Brooklyn Made Natural/Etsy

    The soap comes in a reusable tin and is handmade from coconut and castor oils with a touch of lemon and orange essential oil. Brooklyn Made Natural is a family-owned small business based in Los Angeles that specializes in eco-friendly products.

    Promising review: "My husband was skeptical that this soap would work (he's a conventional soap guy), but we both love it! We especially love how well it cuts grease and rinses so easily, saving us time doing dishes (which, with four little kids in the house, can take a good amount of time). We will definitely buy again." —Christopher Gitzke

    Get a bar of soap and storage tin from Brooklyn Made Natural on Etsy for $15.

    18. A touchless stationary vacuum that's so convenient, you'll be tossing your old school dustpan in the garbage the second you hit "add to cart." Just sweep towards it and it'll take it from there.

    Promising review: "The Eye-Vac is awesome. My cat and dog keep my hardwoods so furred-up that I think I still have carpet sometimes. The ever present fur clouds demand constant sweeping, pulling it off the broom and scooping it up and pulling the fur off the broom again. Arghhh! Now, I just sweep it up to the Eye-Vac and poof, it's gone, broom cleaned and I'm done. A huuuge advantage is that my husband is old and can't bend to manage the dust pan business. With the Eye-Vac, he can easily sweep up to the vac and poof, gone and done. Now, I don't have to do it all the time." —Karole

    Get it from Amazon for $139 (available in three colors).

    19. A set of drill brushes you can attach to your drill and use to remove any of that hard-to-clean grossness that's caked up on your stove, grill, shower, or floor. What would have taken you hours to scrub can now be accomplished in minutes! You're welcome.

    Make sure to use them only on surfaces you're pretty sure they won't scratch! And you can alway test in a discreet area first to check.

    Promising review: "I bought this on a whim because my walk-in shower is just a pain to clean. I'm 51 and I guess I've just been old school with how I clean, so hand scrubbing it was for years. The FIRST time I used this to clean my shower it took five minutes AND it scrubbed my shower more clean than it has been in years. In the corners, the floor, the glass door...everything came out squeaky clean. I'm NEVER cleaning my shower by hand again." —Terry

    Get the set of three brushes from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in six colors).

    20. A can of color-changing Kaboom! Foam-tastic, because it sprays on blue and turns white when it's ready to wipe off. It literally tells you when the surface is clean! No more unnecessary guesswork.

    Promising review: "My wife was looking for something to clean a film from her tub. She tried all the other products available, but none worked as well as this. It went on blue, and turned white after. It did a good job, you could see where you sprayed it and where you didn't. I would buy this product again." —Jerome P.

    Get it from Amazon for $3.72.

    21. A heavy-duty grout cleaner to help you remove any beauty product residue, dirt, and stains from your ceramic or porcelain tile floor. Apply the cleaner directly to the grout, let it sit for 5–10 minutes, give it a light scrub, and then rinse with warm water. Trust me, it's called Grout-eez for a reason., Amazon

    Promising review: "I never leave reviews on Amazon but this grout cleaner definitely deserved a review. I tried three other cleaners before buying Grout-eez and they did nothing but waste my time and money. Grout-eez got my grout perfectly clean in no time, plus it was easy to use and no odor. I'll never use another grout cleaner." —Tyler

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    22. A scrub-free shower cleaner so you can give your shower a quick spray, walk away, and then rinse it the next day. Yup, that's it, no more scum! Plus, it's bleach-free.


    Promising review: "I had a horrible gray ring in the bottom of my shower that was impossible to remove. I had tried the Dawn Dish Soap method (with a lot of scrubbing) and had even used toilet bowl cleaner to try to remove the soap scum. My next step was to tear out and replace the shower pan and tile. I figured this was my last chance. I ordered the Wet and Forget Shower Spray and really coated the shower walls and floor pan and walked away. I CANNOT begin to tell you how happy I was to rinse down the walls sometime later and watch all that crud roll right down the drain!! This is the best product I have ever used in my life!! Works great and no toxic fumes!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a 64 oz. bottle from Amazon for $17.97 (also available in packs of two, three, and four).

    23. A tub of glass cleaning wipes that'll allow you to stop going through tons of paper towels just to leave awkward streaks and water drops on your windows. These will do the job faster and better.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of a clean window after using the glass wipes

    You'll also receive a microfiber cloth to use if you're looking for an even more streak-free shine.

    Promising review: "These wipes work very well! Even came with a nice soft cloth! What! Yes! I was surprised too! I’ve been using these to clean off all the doggie nose snot smudges from my car windows and my dog’s “lookout” windows where she protects our home from squirrels. I highly recommend this product. Works very well and they are very good quality! It’s nice to see clearly out my windows again." —Nancy Domingo

    Get a bottle of 30 from Amazon for $9.97 (also available in a pack of 60).

    24. An all-purpose spray cleaner you can use to go over pretty much any surface. Just spray it all around, wipe it down, and you'll be done before you know it.

    Three spray bottles of the cleaner

    Promising review: "This cleaner is wonderful on anything! The smell is amazing and does a great job of cleaning." —JoAnn Fliehs

    HumbleSuds is an Etsy shop based in Denver, Colorado.

    Get it from HumbleSuds on Etsy for $24.95 (available in three scents).

    25. A super long lint roller that'll allow you to remove all that pet hair that's been taking over your furniture, without having to bend, climb, and reach all over the house. Honestly, you could probably stand in one spot and get rid of the hair and lint around the whole room.

    Model using lint roller on a stick in various spaces

    Promising review: "These work great for pet hair on beds, furniture, pet beds, dog kennels, area rugs, cars, pretty much anything you can think of! My black lab sleeps in my bed that has a white quilt comforter and this makes it super easy to just roll across every morning when making the bed. The sheets are easy to tear off and don’t unravel when rolling." —Ashley D.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (also available in a pack of three).

    26. A pair of microfiber mop slippers you can shuffle around the house in to keep the floors clean without even thinking about it.


    Promising review: "So why do I like mopping slippers? I have a 2-year-old and they're great for mopping up little splashes. Drops of water from doing dishes and the extra padding is nice. No paper towels wasted and it's immediate. Plus these are cute. You have to have a sense of whimsy for this functional novelty item." —G. Kim

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in 15 styles).

    27. A genius drip catcher that'll prevent those gross puddles from forming on your kitchen counter in the first place so you won't feel like you're constantly wiping down the same spot on a loop.


    Promising review: "LOVE these splash catchers! They save me from having to chase the puddles that form around the base of our faucet before they start creeping over the counter. So reasonably priced, made well with neatly finished edges, and packaged with gift-ready care." —Alina

    TwoLilacsStudio is a small Etsy shop based in Saint Helens, Oregon.

    Get it from TwoLilacsStudio on Etsy for $12+ (available in four sizes and 10 colors).

    28. And an extendable, cordless electric scrubber with four different brushes, guaranteed to assist you in removing tough grime from every inch of the bathroom (like that gross area behind the toilet or the crevices of your bathtub). It'll help save you *so* much energy on scrubbing and reaching.,

    Promising review: "I am SO happy with this purchase and will be buying a second as a gift for my mom. I tried hand scrubbing, using Mr. Clean magic erasers, paste concoctions, but could never find anything to get the hard water and grime from my shower pan until I purchased this electric cleaning brush. It's amazing! You don't have to press down on the scrub brush at all, just let it do its work and you will be so pleased with the results. My only regret is that I didn't know about this years ago! I hesitated at first because of the price but trust me, it's worth it. Happy cleaning!" —Tracy Malloy

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in two colors).

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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