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    17 Chew Toys For Puppies Your Pooch Will Be Howling Over

    We rate these picks two paws up for total tail-wagging fun.

    1. A bacon-flavored pacifier chew toy for teething puppies to help keep any ruff-housing at bay. The bumpy textures and bright colors will help keep them distracted, while soothing their sore gums. Plus, bacon!

    Reviewer image of Corgi puppy chewing on pink and blue toy

    2. A personalized pizza chew toy you can decorate with their favorite toppings, so your pup can enjoy pizza Fridays with you. For an added surprise, sneak some treats into the special pockets and watch as they go on a scavenger hunt to find them.

    Dog holding a plush pizza toy that says "LuLu" in its mouth

    3. A bungee beaver toy they won't want to stop retrievin’ since it comes with a springy, scrunchy material that'll stretch and recoil, keeping your furry friend on their toes.

    Dog playing with beaver bungee chew toy in living room

    4. A Kong chew toy for puppies made with an unpredictable bounce to keep your pooch on the move as they pounce, jump, and chew to their heart's content.

    Reviewer image of German Shepherd puppy sitting behind blue chew toy

    5. A floppy dog chew toy that features a soft plush material that's gentle on the teeth and can act as a snuggle buddy after a long day of play.

    Brown plush dog toy next to bowl of dog food and dog bed

    6. A pack of no-stuffing chew toys featuring a paw-some mix of animal-inspired plush designs your dog can wrestle with. It's also great for keeping them away from those new sneakers you just bought.

    7. A flavored chew toy for puppies that aren't quite ready for a hard bone yet, but love to chew everything (including your favorite chair). The beef flavor will also help promote less destructive chewing that your furniture will thank you for later.

    Puppy chewing on blue x-shaped chew toy

    8. A chew toy for puppies they can go from gnawing on to snuggling with while you're away at work. For the extra-anxious pups, it comes with a red heart that mimics a heartbeat to keep them stress free while you're running errands.

    Reviewer image of pug puppy on top of plush dog toy

    9. A personalized coffee cup chew toy, because why enjoy a Sunday morning cup of joe alone? Now, you can sip your latte while your doggo chomps on their plush pup-acciono with you.

    Model holding plush to-go coffee cup chew toy that says "Starbarks coffee"

    10. A puppy tire that'll get your pupper tired as they attempt to get the treats out of the built-in treat dispenser — or from your lengthy game of fetch outdoors.

    Dog chewing on pink tire-inspired chew toy

    11. A hide-a-squirrel toy to keep your dog from terrorizing the *real* squirrels in your backyard. Since this comes with a trunk and multiple plush squirrels, they can shake and chase these without you having to worry about any surprise ~gifts~ being brought inside.

    12. A puppy mat with chew toys because as much as we love playing with our pets, we don't love the mess of toys that are left on the floor. We can kiss cleanups goodbye though since the mat comes with chew toys attached.

    Reviewer image of puppy lying on blue and brown chew toy mat

    13. A suction cup pull toy acting as a tug-of-war stand-in for the days when you're too tired to play. It's versatile enough to switch over to a normal ball you can play fetch with at your nearby park.

    14. A chew toy for puppies inspired by some of your favorite animals and underwater creatures. Each one was handcrafted out of rope and features a vibrant color your dog will go mutts over.

    Animal-inspired rope chew toys lined up outside

    15. A puzzle ball chew toy for puppies so your dog can challenge you to a classic game of tug-of-war. The durable rubber was designed to withstand even the toughest chewers, so you'll see who the real weiner is.

    Reviewer's Pit Bull puppy playing with green chew toy ball outside

    16. A variety of plush pan dulce squeaky toys to be gentle on their teeth. You'll definitely earn a few licks on the face after surprising your pooch with these.

    Six multicolored Pan Dulce-inspired chew toys inside a silver pan

    17. A set of wine-inspired chew toys for "popping a bottle open" with your favorite fur ball. As you sip your glass of white, your pup can curl up next to you with a bottle of their own as you enjoy the latest episode of The Bachelor.

    The exact face you make as you watch your pup play:

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