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    33 Toy Gifts That'll Make Your Dog Say "Woof Woof" (Because They Can't Say "Thank You")

    The howlidays are coming up, after all.

    1. A bobbing treat dispenser that'll have your pup a rockin' and a rollin' right along with it. You can increase the difficultly so that, even after they figure out how to nudge it just so, they'll still take their sweet time getting those tasty treats.

    2. A squid doll – you're gonna know this toy was the way to go when you ~sea~ your dog snugglin' up with this monstrously cute critter.

    Dog playing with squid shaped squeaker toy with fuzzy tentacles

    3. A dental chew toy for pups suffering from bad breath who could use a little help in the brushing department. Sometimes their smelly, breathy bark IS as bad as their bite.

    4. A pair of White Paw squeakers your pup is gonna wanna get their ~claws~ on immediately. You both deserve something sweet to help mellow you out at the end of a long day, why not do it together?

    Person holding two spiked sparkling water themed toys in front of dog

    5. Or an interactive option that barks, shakes, and rolls at random to keep your hyper pup on their toys.

    6. A spiffy chew toy set with a clean, geometric aesthetic. These long-lasting toys are gonna be loved by your pup and keep your place looking great...even when Fido leaves them in the middle of the living room.

    7. A soothing behavioral aid toy with a faux heartbeat that'll be your puppy's ~dream~ toy and help *you* finally get to sleep while crate training.

    Puppy sleeping beside plush dog toy

    8. A ball launcher for making sure your dog (and your rotator cuff) enjoy a day at the dog park.

    9. An agility course to fill your backyard with fun and entertain any clever K-9 who thinks learning new tricks is all just fun and games.

    Dog on agility square start spot with a collapsable tunnel, jump, and agility poles set up in yard

    10. A hide-and-seek waffle box – it's gonna be a ~sweet~ addition to your clever pet's assortment of toys.

    11. And a burger dinner set made with consumer-safe recycled plastic bottles and an extra layer of double-stitched edges – an eco-conscious and super strong choice for your favorite foodie.

    Dog standing beside a plate of plush fries, a milkshake, and burger. All pieces are removable.

    12. A tug-of-war toy that'll suction cup to your floor, giving you some alone time when Spot doesn't want to stop playing.

    13. A claw-safe splash pool for giving your fur-covered sea creature the outdoor splash pad of her dreams.

    Dog in medium-sized splash pool

    14. A tug-of-war toy so soft on your dog's chompers you won't have to worry about your K-9 losing a canine while the two of you fight to see who is the alpha. Spoiler alert: it's not you.

    15. A latex balloon animal for pet parents who know that one of the best parts about having a dog is finding charming chew toys. And sure, I guess these are *also* fun for your dog. Like, a ton of fun.

    Dog balloon animal shaped toy

    16. A rope toy so strong you may actually get some ~peace~ and quiet while your avid barker chomps away.

    Round peace sign rope toy

    17. A felt puzzle mat that'll stimulate your pup's senses as they sniff and search to find the food hidden inside pockets, folds, and fabric.

    18. A fanny pack rope toy so your doggo can rock a retro accessory worthy of a cat walk.

    19. A plush log toy even your most shy and ~squirrely~ pupper is gonna adore.

    Dog digging head into plush tree trunk with several holes holding squirrel toys

    20. A multi-use treasure you and your baby can have a skele-ton of fun with. Hide treats inside it, play tug-of-war, throw it during fetch...this skull does it all.

    21. A strategy game to help your dog stay entertained and engaged during the day by working to get their meals. They are little hunters, after all!

    Stand with three turnable tubes filled with treats

    22. Or a puzzle pick with food hidden inside of the sliding cups for overeager eaters who could give Takeru Kobayashi a run for his money.

    Dog lifting one of 12 small cups to reveal food hidden underneath

    23. A durable tattoo squeaker I have an inkling you and your pup are gonna love a lot.

    White muscle arm chew toy with "Mom" heart tattoo on bicep

    24. A rubber football that's sure to be your doggo's new favorite toy, they just need to ~chew~ on the idea (well, the football) first.

    25. A cactus squeaker for any pups who get ~prickly~ without enough play time.

    Dog biting on cactus chew toy with flower detail and smily face

    26. A durable hollow chew toy made to fill up with treats and handle some intense love from every kind of dog – it may be the only thing your pup licks more than your face.

    Dog licking paste out of oblong chew toy

    27. A fabric pool float that'll make your games of fetch at the lake far more fun.

    28. Or a pair of floating fetch toys in a sleeker style that are sure to give your water baby the chance to doggy paddle to their heart's content.

    29. A microwave dinner hide-and-seek set that's gonna be a darling feast for your eyes and end up being exactly their ~taste~ in toys from now on.

    30. A handheld massager to relieve back and neck pain on aging dogs who would rather play "spa day" than go to the dog least on occasion.

    Hound dog's back being massaged with hand held tool attached to two rolling balls

    31. A tennis ball launcher that'll make your throws so impressive it's not far fetched to feel confident that your dog will, for once, tire out.

    32. And a giant tennis ball for pet owners who know finding unique products is a ~big~ deal.

    33. And finally, a mid-century modern dog sofa so after a day of play your pup can rest on *their* sofa, which you are totally not allowed to sit on.

    Rounded sofa with tufted cushion and minimalist wooden legs

    Your dog, after seeing these products:

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