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    Zayn Malik Is Facing Backlash After Getting In A Confrontation And Saying The F-Word

    The altercation happened in NYC at 2 a.m.

    On Friday, TMZ reported that singer Zayn Malik got into a heated confrontation outside a bar in the East Village, NYC, at 2 a.m.

    Zayn with a backpack walking outside
    Gotham / GC Images / Via Getty Images

    Zayn, who is shirtless in the video, is shown in an altercation with another man for unknown reasons. The two appear to scream at each other as they are both being held back.

    Zayn walking outside with a face mask on his face
    Raymond Hall / GC Images / Via Getty Images

    It doesn't appear the fight led to punches or physical violence. However, in the video, the other man is heard calling Zayn the anti-gay F-word.

    Raymond Hall / GC Images / Via Getty Images

    Zayn yelled back, saying, "I'm a [F-word]?"

    Raymond Hall / GC Images / Via Getty Images

    According to GLAAD, the F-word is categorized as a "derogatory word" against gay men and a "vulgar epithet."

    People were not happy that Zayn, who identifies as straight and is married to Gigi Hadid, said that word:

    Zayn Malik saying the f slur on the fourth day of pride month disgusting. "he said it back to him" stfu that logic is stupid so if someone tells u a racial slur u can say it back? no. stop justifying toxicity
    @artpophollands / TMZ / Via Twitter: @artpophollands
    as much as i love zayn he was very wrong for saying the f slur and he should be held accountable for this
    @90calamity / TMZ / Via Twitter: @90CALAMITY

    Zayn Malik using the f slur in a fight during Pride month…..

    Twitter: @TheSighBorg

    people on instagram defending zayn malik saying the f slur is so weird… especially when they’re not part of the lgbt community… ESPECIALLY DURING PRIDE MONTH

    Twitter: @NanaMiraj

    Why are people defending zayn malik for saying the F slur😭 it doesn’t matter if it was in the heat of the moment he still doesn’t have the right to say it???

    Twitter: @sadboyrhe

    Others defended the singer, saying it's not as offensive because he was just repeating the slur back to the person in the altercation:

    zayn did nothing wrong. the guy called him the f slur and he repeated it like (im a) f***** ?

    "Zayn said the f slur" yeah he basically repeated what that yt guy said first (which he shouldn't have) and he was clearly defending himself ,but why did that guy call him the f slur in first place...lets talk about that. You all are trying to cancel the WRONG PERSON

    Twitter: @sabby_zx

    this is the only thing i’m saying about this situation. yes hold him accountable! cancel him?? no! i personally as a gay man felt no personal offense to this. do other people? yes and they have that right to feel that way. you can blatantly her the other guy call zayn the f slur

    Twitter: @tiohabit

    Zayn has not responded to the backlash or addressed the situation on his socials, but we will update you if he does.

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