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YouTuber James Charles Explains Why Ariana Grande Is The "Rudest Celeb" He's Ever Met

Drama, drama, drama.

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This is James Charles. He's a YouTuber, makeup artist, and the first-ever male CoverGirl spokesperson.

James explained how he and Ariana first online-met. He posted videos from her concert and she followed and DMed him:

I really like Ariana. I just had a really crappy experience with her. I went to her show here in LA. I posted a bunch of videos from the night and she had DMed me like "Thank you for coming!" She was so sweet. I was like, "Love you the most ever in the world!" She followed me and DMed me. She was like, "I wish I knew you were coming. I would've loved to have you backstage."


But this was when James was facing backlash for some controversies, like when he joked about having Ebola, as well as other YouTube-related "scandals."