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Women Are Sharing Things Men Don't Know About Women And It's Insightful AF

"We don't have to smile."

On Saturday, @HashtagRoundup asked women to share things men don't know about them, using the hashtag #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen. Obviously, all women don't speak for all women (and same with men), but the answers were a combo of insightful, funny, and interesting.

#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen is this week's @WildBunchTagz hosted by @MrRaceBannon @whoulooknat @Saga_Says2

Here's what they said!


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen: For a lot of us, our emotions and sexual urges are intertwined. When we feel secure and loved we want to have sex more frequently, weโ€™re more experimental, and way more mentally involved. Treating us well makes sex 10 times better for us and you.


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen We're human beings, not fktoy objects. We're not here to please you. We're not here to just look pretty. We don't have to smile. We don't owe you anything just because we have a vagina. You're not entitled to our bodies. WE'RE HUMAN BEINGS.


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen We don't wear makeup or dress up for YOU. We do it for ourselves.


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen we donโ€™t dress for you we actually dress to impress other women


We really really really want pockets in our pants, dresses, and skirts. #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen


If we ask you a question tell us the truth because chances are we already know the answer. #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen .. if you have their back they have yours x


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen We watch porn too. It's not just the men. We feel sexual urges and we're not some pure innocent dolls that you can just touch whenever you want to. We are humans just like men. Instead of taking advantage of us, just treat us normally for once...


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen We donโ€™t want your unsolicited dick pics.


Women can be geeky too just because we like something. I didn't get into comics and geek things "to attract" a man. I've been a geek since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. The amount of fake geek girl claims annoys me constantly. #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen we can be friends with the opposite gender without being attracted to them.


When we are on our periods we donโ€™t exaggerate. How would you feel at any giving moment your body contracting and bloating for at least three days, youโ€™re passing out blood clots, we dead ass go through misery so stop acting like itโ€™s just a period. #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen


Mansplaining is a turn off. #whatmendontknowaboutwomen


Fuck flowers, give me wine and a vibrator. #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen


Humor is fucking hot. #WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen


#WhatMenDontKnowAboutWomen โ€œFineโ€ is the opposite of fine.

Do you agree with these? Disagree? Have some of your own? Let me know in the comments below!

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