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Updated on Oct 16, 2019. Posted on Oct 6, 2019

Women Are Sharing The Dumbest Things Men Have Said To Them About Sex, Reproductive Health, And Menstruation

Featuring thoughts on peeing, STDs, and periods.

We all know men say some ~interesting~ (read: dumb) things sometimes.


Well, Reddit user @reallyquiterude asked women to share the dumbest thing men have said to them about "sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc."


Here are some of the best submissions:

1. On condoms:

"Condoms are a scam. They don't prevent anything. And you should learn to take a few risks." — shygirlturnedsassy

2. On periods:

"Just pee out all the blood and finish your period." — sebaskinny

3. On periods Part II, OMG:

"This guy I dated wanted me to have sex with him, but I was in my period. He said, 'Why don’t you just put a makeup sponge up there?'” — ironcat09

4. On cramps:

"A friend told me that she made a comment about having cramps and a headache to her boyfriend. He got all disgusted and said, 'Well, can’t you control that? Like, make it stop.'" — kitkatobuildadreamon

5. On cervical cancer:

"Recently, my aunt got cervical cancer. My uncle wasn't feeling well and thought he may have gotten cervical cancer from her." — FunkMamaT

6. On oral sex:

"My ex said, 'Ew, eating out a women is disgusting. Stuff comes out of there.'" — Bkbee


7. On sex:

"A coworker once confessed he thought his wife was cheating on him because usually she was tight and opposed to sex, but recently she was wet and not as tense. That poor woman." — Polyfuckery

8. On getting pregnant:

"One of the nurses from work is trying to have children. During this process, she had to inform her husband that they wouldn't get pregnant every single time they had unprotected sex." — fisty_dingo

9. And on the sex of the child:

"My ex was convinced that he could consciously choose the sex of any children he fathered." — ActualGuesticles


10. On breastfeeding (?????????):

"My ex really believed he could get milk out of my breasts without me being pregnant first." — Mot_20

11. On being gay:

"I told my ex I was gay. He said, 'You can’t know you’re a lesbian if you haven’t had sex with a guy yet.' Although I knew better and definitely regret it, I chose to take him up on his claim. The end result was that I was most definitely a lesbian."

12. On STDs:

"He said he didn't need an STD check because he got his regular check-up 3 months ago. But he had slept with people since then. A lot of men seem not to understand how STDs work." — HotSauceHigh


13. On peeing:

"My sister had a teacher try and tell her that girls pee from their vagina. They ended up having a full debate about it because he refused to accept that he was wrong." — Kindofhere

14. And lastly, orgasms:

"He said, 'If a woman doesn't orgasm, she can't get pregnant." — stabbyrum

In conclusion, can we get some of these guys a biology textbook, please? Thanks!


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