Non-Americans Are Sharing What They Admire About Americans, And It's Fascinating And Wholesome

    Normally, Americans get dragged...

    On Monday, u/Rebuildingz asked, "Non-Americans, what is something about America you admire?"

    Honestly, some of these are pretty fascinating to read, so here are some of the best:

    1. "I always hear complaints about the portion sizes, which is fair, they're big. But we gotta give America credit how socially acceptable it is to take the leftover food home. As a frugal Dutch person, this mesmerizes me and I'm very sad this is not as acceptable here."


    2. "The Smithsonian Museums are very cool and very fun to walk around and see. And they're free."


    3. "The amount of nature. Mountains, forests, valleys, deserts, waterfalls, etc. Where I live, we got a few hills and there's no place anywhere in the country that is completely untouched or so far from a civilization."


    4. "If Americans want, they can go to pretty much any climate without a passport. You have tropical, desert, oceanside, lakeside, mountains, etc."


    5. "The scale and grandeur. I'm used to nature being small, but everything in America is bigger — bigger storms, bigger mountains, bigger horizons. People in America are casually dealing with everything from alligators to bears, pitching tents on the sides of cliffs and walking their dogs through literal wilderness. I genuinely feel like a hobbit watching Aragorn saunter through Middle Earth like it's nothing."


    6. "King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls."


    7. "Drinking fountains everywhere. And nearly all public toilets are free."


    8. "I fucking love the energy most Americans give off. You guys are like extraverted extraverts. If I was introduced to a handful of people from around the world, I could tell you which was the American even with a blindfold, because they'd be the only one to instantly say hello and start chatting when I walk into the room as a stranger. Your talking to strangers energy is almost more than our talking to 20-year-old friends energy."


    9. "How madly diverse it is. Admittedly, I’ve only seen it on TV, but the fact that The Bronx and Texas are the same country is mind-boggling."


    10. "The water drinks are served with ice at restaurants."


    11. "NASA is America’s best PR. Sure, they could really use triple the budget to seriously get things done, but what they do is admired globally."


    12. "The variety of groceries! I want sugar-free? Boom, everything! Oh, there's something we have at home, but here's 30 varieties of it! Special dietary restrictions? Don't have to order it — here's the stuff at the local Target!


    13. "I love how spread the infrastructure is across the country. Literally massive multinational companies are headquartered in so many smaller cities. Manufacturing can occur in even more towns. Here in Australia, our population is so concentrated in our three biggest cities, it's difficult for big business to survive elsewhere."


    14. "The ranch dressing aisle at the grocery store. I sent my Australian friend some Hidden Valley ranch, and she flipped her actual shit over it and put it on basically everything. I was so proud of her."


    15. "The people are friendly and helpful. Maybe not as much in the cities, but people are definitely a lot more willing to chat or lend a hand if they see you in trouble."

    Did they miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!