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    I've Compiled The Best, Most Hilarious Tweets Of The Weekend, So You Don't Have To Look For Them

    Not "saving" a sandwich on Instagram...

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    i hate LA so much this white girl spilled her entire drink on me last night and when i confronted her she said “you’re so brave. i’m listening and learning”

    Twitter: @daddyluver69


    Why does my Bulbasaur charger look like it’s eating some Psydussy 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @jotodile


    my ex said “you never gon find somebody like me” mf that’s the plan

    Twitter: @briantheruller


    got high last night and screen shotted a sandwich to “remember it”

    Twitter: @realDANYANG / Via @goldbelly / Instagram: @goldbelly


    i’m at the lidl i’m at the 11th century archaeological dig site i’m at the combination lidl / 11th century archaeological dig site

    Twitter: @mollygos


    Twitter: @aerachgobragh


    this is why you don't listen to Mariah Carey on shuffle

    Twitter: @rojamdane Kapamilya /


    one time i made a guy a playlist and he was texting me the whole time telling me how much he loved it and what great music taste i had and then i looked on his alt twitter and he was making fun of all the songs LMAO

    Twitter: @tillamundo


    being new at a job feels like being a new character on season 5 of a show

    Twitter: @CodeineFridge


    Creased at how pleased this pasta brand are with themselves for getting rid of the little window where you can look at the pasta

    Twitter: @seanbgoneill


    Hollywood be like: "How did Old MacDonald get that farm anyway?" Coming soon, YOUNG MACDONALD

    Twitter: @SamStefanak


    Twitter: @fayemikah


    Twitter: @musicstruggles1 / Via @jackharlow / Instagram: @jackharlow


    i believe in annoyed at first sight

    Twitter: @cxrtezwrld


    I'm actually the president of the company.

    Twitter: @TranslatedCats

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