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People Are Sharing Wedding Fails And I'm Legit Gasping

Featuring a lot of falls and mishaps.

Last week, Jimmy Fallon asked people to share their wedding fails, using the hashtag #WeddingFail.

My friend got married on the beach and wanted to zip line to the altar. He didn’t test before and it turned out he was too heavy for the line. He was dragged through rocks and sand for the last 10 seconds. Ripped the pants off of his tux. #WeddingFail

Here are some of the best:

1. When your mother-in-law wears a wedding dress to your wedding:

My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail @jimmyfallon

2. When there's a dog fight:

@jimmyfallon #weddingfail I’m a dog trainer. A client wanted her 6 Husky dogs at her wedding & her friends were invited to bring their Huskies. I advised against it as Huskies are very pack oriented. During the vows a howling competition began. I knew what was coming. Yep. Full on dog rumble.

3. When three grandmothers wear the same thing:

@jimmyfallon All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in 👏🏼the👏🏼exact👏🏼same👏🏼dress!! #WeddingFail

4. When the bride can't stop laughing:

When my brother got married his wife laughed uncontrollably throughout the ceremony because she had just found out that he was wearing Spanx under his tux. #WeddingFail

5. When the father-daughter dance goes terribly wrong:

During my father/daughter dance my dad and the flower girl attempted the iconic catch from Dirty Dancing. She’s okay, I promise.😂 #WeddingFail

6. When this happens during the best man's speech:

During the Best Man's toast at his brother's wedding, my husband congratulated them, not just for their wedding, but for their baby that was on the way. Unbeknownst to him, that was the baby announcement for the bride's family who hadn't been told yet. #WeddingFail

7. And this one, too:

@jimmyfallon #weddingfail started my best man speech with “fornication” then cleared my throat and finished with “for an occasion such as this, the best man speech should last no longer than the groom can last in bed” and sat down. His 90 year old grandma yells out “did he say fornication?!”

8. When the groom can't keep his cool:

@jimmyfallon I thought I was making a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. I found out this was the face I made. #WeddingFail

9. When the dress flies out of the car and gets stolen:

My sweet mom accidentally lost my wedding dress the day of my wedding. It flew off her car and someone stole it. I had to find a new dress 2 hrs before I needed to walk down the aisle. I ended up liking my new dress better! #weddingfail @jimmyfallon

10. When the food is hot dogs:

@jimmyfallon My dad was in charge of food for my reception, we gave him a budget of $500. We show up to the reception and he has cooked up $200 worth of Bar-S hotdogs, and nothing else. He told us years later he used the rest of the money to buy a freezer to hold all the hotdogs #WeddingFail

11. When this mess-up happens:

At the end of the night I carried my wife into our honeymoon suite only to find another couple had fraudulently checked in the room as the bride & groom and were GOING AT IT in our bed. Needless to say, we got another room, for free, for the week. #WeddingFail @jimmyfallon

12. When the groomsman faints:

@jimmyfallon My brother in law wore three undershirts in the middle of summer because he didn’t want to sweat through his tux. This happened. #weddingfail

13. When this happens:

@jimmyfallon Before my wedding, the best man told me I shouldn’t marry his best friend. I never got along with the best man and, of course, got married. Now, I’m divorced from my first husband and I’m now happily married to the former best man. I guess I should have listened! #WeddingFail

14. When this prank happens:

@jimmyfallon #WeddingFail told my cousin, a groomsman, that my wife’s dad was in the mafia & when coming down the aisle, he had to stop, kneel, and kiss his ring. I forgot to tell him I was joking. He did it.

15. When this dance happens:

@SpannyTampson @jimmyfallon Well... I did this. #weddingfail

16. This Dirty Dancing moment fail:

@jimmyfallon My husband and I tried to do the Dirty Dancing move at his brother’s wedding. Turns out we should have left it to Patrick Swayze...I ended up busting my mouth open and he had a concussion🤦🏽‍♀️ #weddingfail #jimmyfallon

17. And finally, when the bride takes a tumble:

@jimmyfallon During our first dance I kept telling my husband that every time he twirled me, I was slipping on my dress. He twirled me one last time and I took a tumble. My first thought was to just start spinning, so my husband joined me on the ground. #weddingfail

H/T: Jimmy Fallon