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    18 Tweets From This Week That Everyone's Dying At

    "Me in an ambulance: 'Hi, for Isabel?'"

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    The Wendy Williams Show (season 1) original air date: Nov 23rd, 1963

    Chronicle / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @obrienjohnjack


    Is this what breakfast looks like in your thirties?

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet


    Single moms be like "he a mommas boy" bro what other choice does he have😭 Wow

    Twitter: @freauxmama


    Twitter: @behindthemall13


    “hey i’m in ur city” ok well leave

    Twitter: @gotsoybeanmilk


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ taylor swift saying get your shit together therapists

    Twitter: @reputushion


    middle schoolers don’t fight at carnivals like they used to

    Twitter: @_Friendan_


    i tap into instagram, like 3 pics, watch 2 stories, and leave feeling exhausted omg

    Twitter: @ItsZaeOk


    The cashier at Trader Joe’s asked me if I worked at Equinox because I was wearing an Equinox T-shirt and I said, “No, but thank you for thinking I’m fit enough to be a personal trainer!” and she said, “They have cleaning staff too.”

    Twitter: @dccised


    If you expect me to watch any soccer, it’s gotta be like this AND ONLY THIS WAY

    Twitter: @valhallabckgirl


    Twitter: @sugam4yr4


    [me getting in the back of an ambulance] hi, for isabel?

    Twitter: @IsabelSteckel


    It’s actually so fucking annoying when you’re at work and your boss wants you to do something that’s well within your job responsibilities

    Twitter: @eerrriiicaa


    My gummy vitamins melted together so I’m just gonna take a bite out of this every day instead of letting them go to waste

    Twitter: @floridamanaustn


    whenever someone with tattoos has a baby I genuinely expect their baby to have tattoos and I honestly get kind of mad, I’m like, where’s it’s ink??

    Twitter: @sarahschauer


    Y’all really domesticated huskies , they supposed to live in the snow & they on 43rd & Crenshaw

    Twitter: @geauxny


    Did a printer write this tweet

    Twitter: @yubieyubie


    Me trying to get 8 hrs of sleep in just 3 hrs

    Twitter: @lolrelaxok

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