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    So, These 18 Tweets From This Week Are Frickin' Hilarious

    I was also ugly in high school.

    Times may be tough, but Twitter remains undefeated when it comes to making us laugh. Here are some of the best, funniest, and most viral tweets from this week.

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    im free feb 14 if you wanna hang out feb 14 im not doing anything feb 14 just lmk about feb 14

    Twitter: @sstaralv


    scariest thing that ever happened to me was when I went to a bookstore on acid without knowing that Bill Clinton was speaking there

    Twitter: @pleasuresystems


    i did not peak in high school, in fact I was ugly the entire time i was there

    Twitter: @ceraliza


    why do marvel movies need 3 hours to accomplish what the powerpuff girls did in 11 minutes

    Twitter: @kelllicopter


    I’m checking temperatures today at work & this lady walks in, I check her temp she says loudly “YOU SAID MY TEMPERATURE 100 & WHAT? let me go home” y’all she really left😭😂 it was only 96😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    am I working at my regular capacity? no. but am I prioritizing and taking care of the most important tasks? no. but am I at least taking care of myself and my mental health? also no.

    Twitter: @etengastro


    Twitter: @MIA_mea_


    “Ur password weak” well so is my memory so pls let me keep it

    Twitter: @ilNeroBack


    this January is not Januarying like the other January’s januaried

    Twitter: @r1finesse_


    My phone when I say I want to buy something...

    Twitter: @tahjaserene


    The biggest scam is cooking for 2 hours just to eat for ten minutes

    Twitter: @jackaldinho


    told my dad about a rough patch i went through mentally and he asked in a concerned voice whether i’d still managed to take my car in for routine maintenance

    Twitter: @MuscleSkoals


    i’ve never seen a pregnant squirrel.. sis look like she going through it 😭 her baby daddy ain’t shit where he at

    Twitter: @xclaudius


    cannot get over this horrific disguise on gordon ramsay's show

    Twitter: @JoePrettyman


    remembering the time when i found an ancient Nokia phone and the first thing it said when i booted it up was "HORNY WOMAN"

    Twitter: @oohweehuman



    Twitter: @Neyogems


    Nature is so beautiful if you stop for a second and really appreciate it...

    Twitter: @FVBXVIVIVI

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