Here's Everything We Know About The Tom Sandoval Alleged Cheating Scandal – And How The Cast Reacted

    "This has been going on for upwards of 6 months — all the while, Tom was sleeping next to Ariana in bed," one source told People.

    You may or may not watch Vanderpump Rules on Bravo or Peacock. It doesn't matter, I'm gonna explain it all to you.

    the cast on the red carpet

    So, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix had been in a loooong-term relationship for nine years.

    the cast at an event with a circle around tom and ariana

    They've always had a seemingly great relationship. It appeared to be one of honesty and authenticity — like they truly seemed like best friends, yet still got into normal couple arguments. Like, they were one of the few stable parts of the drama-riddled reality show.

    closeup of tom and ariana

    You have to understand, much of this show is about partners cheating on each other, quick hookups with other castmates, and "stealing" other people's partners. But Tom and Ariana were not really in that mix. They were like the old married couple that stayed out of it.

    tom and ariana at an event

    More important info: this year, long-term partners, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, divorced after 12 years together. This happened around the same time long-term partners Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy split, too.

    This season, Raquel appeared to be acting kinda differently. Like in a recent episode, she was at dinner with Katie — who she's friendly with — telling her she's semi-interested and wants to make out with Tom, aka Katie's ex of 12 years.

    Raquel Leviss Tells Katie Maloney & Lala Kent She Likes Tom Schwartz on ‘Vanderpump Rules’! #vanderpump #vanderpumprules #vpr #raquelleviss #tomschwartz #katiemaloney #scheanashay #pumprules #riristea #entertainmentnews #celebritynews #celebnews #rivetsoro

    Bravo / @Rivet_Soro / Via Twitter: @Rivet_Soro

    It seemed like single Raquel was still finding her bearings.

    And then on Watch What Happens Live, Raquel defended herself. "I'm just trying to live my life and I'm sorry if that offends people but it's not going to stop me from doing what I'm going to do," she said.

    closeup of Raquel on the show

    Flash forward to this Friday, when People magazine reported that Tom and Ariana had called it quits after nine years. Why? Because Tom and Raquel had reportedly had an affair for six months, People reported.

    the cast sitting on stage for Bravocon with a circle around ariana and tom at one end and an arrow pointing to raquel sitting at the other end

    "This has been going on for upwards of 6 months — all the while, Tom was sleeping next to Ariana in bed. She was completely blindsided by this — devastated doesn't even scratch the surface of how she feels," one source told People.

    closeup of ariana

    And according to People, Ariana found out about this affair when she was at Tom's concert — yes, he sadly pursues a music career on the side — and a sexual video from Raquel came up on his phone.

    Tom on stage with his band

    Let's get into how the cast reacted to this alleged affair:

    James Kennedy — Raquel's ex — posted a story telling people to throw tomatoes at Tom at his show last night:

    James in the video

    And commented this on Ariana's brother's post:

    James responds to a comment calling Tom and Raquel the most vile subhumans by saying correct

    Katie posted this:

    Lala Kent also encouraged people going to Tom's show night to "bust into a chant — ARIANA!" She also revealed that she had Ariana's permission to go off:

    lala in the video

    Scheana Shay posted this:

    sheana with the text, we rally on the video

    Tom Schwartz — Tom Sandoval's best friend and ex of Katie — joked about it being a "chill day" and then deleted it.

    Tom opening up his shirt

    Since the news, Ariana has deleted her Instagram. We'll keep following this story as it unfolds.