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This Crossfit Athlete Revealed The Truth Behind Those #Transformation Photos You Always See On Instagram

Pictures aren't always accurate.

Meet Jennifer Smith.

She's a crossfit athlete and obviously in phenomenal shape.

However, last Wednesday, she got super real about all those transformation pics you see on Facebook and Insta.

She Instagrammed this pic with the caption: "Ahhh the power of lighting, body posture, and a good smile! 😐➡️😃💪#transformationtuesday #15minuteslater."

In other words, pictures aren't always accurate, so don't worry if you take a photo that comes out looking not how you wanted.

And don't compare your journey to others' based on those "transformation photos"!

Jen's Instagram amassed more than 12,000 likes, and people really appreciated her message:

Yes, thank you, Jen. Keep killin' it!