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13 Really Bad Fails From This Week

Featuring falls, accidental texts, and Grindr fails.

1. This restaurant worker's fail:

So a couple left their pizza in the bar I was working in, and I saw they were leaving so I tried to run out and catch them... and this happened

2. This ex's DM fail:

I posted a picture on my insta in my ex’s shirt and let’s just say he probably won’t ask for it back again anytime soon

3. These structural design fails:

4. This tray fail:

In a restaurant in canada last night I was served pudding on, and I wish I was joking, an ancient VHS copy of The Bodyguard

5. This discovery fail:

Someone I follow on Instagram thinks she discovered the library

6. This skateboarding fail:

7. This neighbor number fail:

I texted my number neighbor and didn’t pick up his call so he left me this voicemail 😂

8. This Grindr catfishing fail:

wait.. has someone really created niall horan with a bald head for a fake profile on grindr near me????? 😫😫 gays are wild

9. And this Grindr fail too:

3000 rts and ill go on a camping trip w grindr mans and his son 😩

10. This accidental text fail:

I accidentally texted my boss "I wish I had a huge bag of jerky" am I allowed to die now

11. This dirt bike fail:

12. This email fail:

I accidentally emailed somebody starting with "Hey [last name]," and i'm dreading his reply bc he was already a little pissy

13. This fail that turned into a win:

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