People Are Sharing Small, Simple Things You Can Do To Look More Attractive And They're Genius

    These tips are hot...

    On Tuesday, Reddit user u/kushnair asked, "What are the simplest things to do that make you look attractive?" People came through with some super-helpful tips that I'm gonna have to steal for the future.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "Rolled up my sleeves. That shits a game changer."


    2. "Having good posture makes you more attractive. For anyone wondering how to get a better posture, I improved mine massively through weighted squats at the gym; the strengthening of the lower back helps tremendously."


    3. "In my experience, people have always responded well to a nice smile, good posture, and being kind. Not trying too hard when you’re around somebody you’re interested in — instead just staying calm and enjoying yourself. People can really pick up on your calm and confidence and find it attractive."


    4. "Shower and cut your fingernails. A shocking amount of people don't do this, and it baffles my mind."


    5. "Clothing that fits. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t need name brands or flashy clothes. A solid color T-shirt and jeans that fit properly will get you somewhere."


    6. "I bought a white T-shirt and jeans and stopped wearing branded clothing and had a girlfriend within two months. No joke."


    7. "Wear clothes that fit well. Even expensive clothes can look like crap (and make you look like crap) if they don’t fit your frame and body type. Fit is everything — it accentuates the positives and minimizes the negatives."


    8. "Despite alll the tips about hygiene, you can still be ugly, dirty, and unpleasant on the inside. So check your attitude. That is the most simple thing anyone can do."


    9. "For men: Moisturise daily after showering, accent your beard to fit your face, drink 2L+ of water each day, exercise, hold eye contact with people, do not slouch, refer to people by their name (but not in a creepy overloading manner), take up a hobby you are passionate about, and subsequently be able to talk about it with passion."


    10. "Brush your teeth. Twice a day. Floss, too. Check in with your dentist once in a while. Clean healthy teeth are fantastic."


    11. "Stop self-deprecating yourself."


    12. "A skincare routine — at its most basic, wash with a gentle non-drying cleanser, moisturize with something simple and fragrance-free, and wear sunscreen during the day to protect from wrinkles and skin cancer."

    13. "Always get good sleep — it will make you look fresher."


    14. "Clean/iron your clothes."


    15. "Smiling and finding a type of jewelry that you like! Personally, when I noticed that I don't wear any jewelry and started doing that — even if it's a small earring or simple bracelet — I felt my appearance was more put together and noticeable."


    16. "Breathe through your nose, not your mouth. Mouth breathing will literally deform your face if it’s a habit."


    And lastly:

    17. "This might go directly against what everyone else is suggesting, but stop giving a fuck if someone finds me attractive or not."


    Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments below!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.