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    Posted on Apr 28, 2017

    20 Things We're All Guilty Of Doing When We Go Out

    *drunkenly orders 100 chicken nuggets*

    1. Telling your friends you’re gonna have a low-key night:

    2. But then eventually getting completely shitfaced:

    3. Dancing like a complete lunatic:


    4. And thinking you can sing:

    5. Befriending literally anyone you meet in the bathroom:

    6. And getting pissed when you're in there too long and miss your song:

    when u hear "ive been here all night, ive been here all day" at the club but ure in the bathroom

    7. Hugging someone you haven't seen in years and pretending you miss them:


    8. And then drunkenly making plans with them — which you know you're going to cancel tomorrow.

    9. Not being able to do basic math when you pay your tab:

    You know you're fucked up when you can't do basic math on your bar tab

    10. That is, if you didn't forget and leave your card at the bar — which you probably did.

    11. Tweeting something exceptionally stupid:

    12. Or Instagramming a pic you thought everyone looked hot AF in:

    13. Fighting with your friends or someone else over the dumbest stuff:

    14. Acting barbaric in public:

    15. Eating like an actual pig:

    16. Getting too deep with the Uber driver:

    17. Drunk texting an ex:

    Ryan Schocket

    18. Responding to a "U up?" text:


    19. And sending a "U up?" text:

    When you're drunk off the henny at 2:36 AM and you text her "u up?" and the three texting dots come up

    20. And finally, falling asleep wherever the fuck you want or wherever you wind up:

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