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People Are Sharing Things That Need To Stop Being Glorified, And Some Are Controversial

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On Monday, Reddit user u/A_Bit_Drunk asked, "What needs to stop being put on a pedestal?" People shared examples — some basic, some controversial — of stuff that we, as a society, need to stop glorifying.

Here's what they said:

1. "Politicians. They're selected for a job, and a lot of them do it poorly, but are still treated like celebrities."


2. "Controversial answer, but we need to stop putting the military on a pedestal. I'm sure a bunch of service members signed up for the job to get access to GI funding, among other perks. It's a perfectly fine decision, and service members are often exposed to some pretty horrendous shit while serving, which sucks. But the idolization of service members is simply a way for the military-industrial complex to hide their nefarious shit. Tired of trillions being spent on endless wars and weapons? Well, you must hate the troops! Don't want rich people profiting off of the misery they can inflict on other nations via government contracts? You must HATE the troops! Service members, I hope you're compensated for the shit your job entails. But I don't think the hero status is healthy because those behind the curtain use you to get away with war crimes."


3. "Celebrities. They're all so out of touch, it's not even funny. Especially when they're 'stuck' in their mansions during COVID, telling people that we're all in this together. Nah, it's different for you people."


4. "Narcissism disguised as 'Oh, that’s just their personality.' Call it what it is."


5. "Being too busy, hustle culture, and not getting enough sleep from all the demands to keep up with."


6. "Revealing the gender of a baby before it's born. Fine to mention it to those few who actually care, but otherwise it's not worthy of an organized event with many guests."


7. "Getting drunk. The more you drink, the tougher you are. Taking shots just to prove to others how much you can handle. All of this just to wake up with a nasty hangover the next day."


8. "Guns. Let me preface this by saying I am not against gun ownership. What I am sick of is people acting like guns are the solution to all of your problems. And not having a gun is the worst thing that can happen to an American. When people say, 'If someone broke in to my house I would just shoot them. Problem solved.' NO! Your problem is not solved. You now have a bunch of new problems. I recognize that this opinion may not resonate with people outside of the USA."


9. "Family. Don’t get me wrong, family can be a blessing, but a blood tie doesn’t excuse abuse or give the holder free rein to be a douche and keep getting invited to stuff."


10. "Expensive vases. It's asking for trouble."


11. "The newest $1,200 iPhone. I get it's nice to have nice things, but people need to chill out with that shit."


12. "Never wearing the same clothes/outfit twice. I don't throw out clothes unless I see a hole in it. I paid for my clothes, and I'll use them until they're worn out dammit."


13. "Gatekeeping information. There is nothing cool or admirable about withholding knowledge, especially from someone younger/more inexperienced than you. Just comes off insecure in my opinion."


14. "Masking rudeness as ‘honesty,' and when they say something that hurts someone, they are ‘just calling a spade a spade.'"


Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!