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People Are Sharing Things That Are Socially Acceptable In America But Horrifying In The UK

Never knew "fanny" was so offensive.

On Saturday, Reddit user u/TownImmediate9060 asked people, "What is socially acceptable in the US that would be horrifying in the UK?"

The Union Jack

It led people to share things Americans say and do that are socially acceptable in the US but definitely not in the UK. Here's what people said:

1. "Taking food home from a restaurant. You scavenge your next meal from the leftovers of your current one? Ask a British restaurant for a box to take your meal home, and you’ll get a look that says you’re difficult and a penny-pinching arse."


2. "I mean, routine circumcision would be the big one. It’s pretty rare over here — we quite like our floppy little blankets."


3. "I’ve learned from my British friends that you have to be very careful giving peace signs. If you have your hand facing a certain way, it’s like a 'Fuck you' in the UK, basically, whereas in the US, it doesn’t matter which way it’s facing, really. Several years ago, I sent them a picture with me doing an 'incorrect' peace sign, and they were appalled."


Dixie D'Amelio making a peace sign and frowning

4. "Making tea in a microwave."


5. "Making 'iced' tea."


6. "Referring to a bum bag as a 'fanny pack.'"


A woman wearing a fanny pack as she crosses the street

7. "Putting ranch dressing on everything. Baked potato? Ranch. Spaghetti? Ranch. Chicken and waffles? Yup. Ranch."


8. "Going 5 mph over the speed limit in the right lane."


9. "Dipping, or using chewing tobacco."


A man partaking of dip

10. "Saying 'fanny.' I've even heard it used on The Simpsons. In the UK, it's a mid-level offensive term for a vagina and certainly not acceptable in polite company. The c-word is even worse, but I think we both agree that it's bad."


11. "Looking around someone's house and complimenting things."


12. "Putting gravy on a biscuit."


A plate of asparagus and biscuits with gravy

13. "Saying hello when you pass people."


14. "Driving on the right side of the road."


15. "Saying someone has a lot of spunk. If you say 'spunk' in the UK, it means cum."


So, let's turn the tables. Americans, what do people from the UK do that are socially acceptable there but not in the US? Let me know in the comments section!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.