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    Info On Taylor Swift's Next Album May Have Been Written In Code On Her Website This Whole Time

    "uibut xibu uifz epou tff."

    On Friday, Taylor Swift wiped all of her social media.

    All of Taylor's social media accounts and her website are currently blacked out 👀

    Which could only mean one thing:

    me on photoshop

    Obviously, the social media blackout is making people look for clues — ESPECIALLLLLY considering Taylor is the queen of clues and cryptology.


    Well, Reddit user row101 may have just uncovered a code on her website.

    Row101 says that the code on Taylor's site reads, "uibut xibu uifz epou tff." And when you subtract one letter from each, this is what you get:

    Ryan Shocket / BuzzFeed


    Big Machine Records

    The Twitter account "Taylor Swift News" also posted this screenshot:

    The java code on the site says, "That's what you don't see" 2014: That's what they don't see 2017: That's what you…

    So, this could be a) the name of a new single, b) the name of a new album, c) a reference to the "Shake It Off" lyrics, or d) a hoax perpetuated by a bunch of very creative fans.

    Big Machine Records

    Some fans can see this code playing a part in TS6.

    This fan has a theory that TS6 will incorporate Monday's eclipse and the code:

    Right now, her website is completely down, so it's hard to verify...

    ...However, when you go on "," this is what you see:

    So, maybe the single's called "That's What You Don't See," as like a "Shake It Off" Part II?? Maybe this website is just a fan-made site?? Who knows??

    1. Hmm, what do you think?

      Hmm, what do you think?

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    Hmm, what do you think?
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      I think it's the name of the single.
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      I think it's the name of the album.
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      It probably has SOMETHING to do with the new album.
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      Taylor is def messing with us all.
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      WHO CARES?

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