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Teens Are Sharing Their Prom Fails From This Year And They're Hilariously Embarrassing

"I took Sebastian, my blow-up doll, to prom."

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Last night, Jimmy Fallon did his hilarious hashtag segment, this time reading #PromFail tweets. Here are some of the best fails from Prom2k17 that we found.


1. This guy survived a slippery situation:

2. While this girl was in a sticky situation.

I was sweating so much on the dance floor my sticky bra fell on the ground and got stuck to the bottom of my heel #promfail

Twitter: @Rear_ennnd

3. This guy underwent something tear-ible.

The DJ played "Get Low" so I dropped it too low and ripped my pants #promfail

4. At least this kid had his cat:

I was home schooled so I made my own prom and invited my family, they forgot about it so only my cat and I showed up. #PromFail

Twitter: @jasonchavezn

5. This girl's dad was thoroughly protective:

@jimmyfallon My dad had my date fill out an "Application For Permission To Date My Daughter," complete with what he…

6. While this girl's dad was thoroughly embarrassing:

@jimmyfallon After prom,I was waiting for a goodnight kiss when my dad jumped out in his tidy whities and asked" ho…

Twitter: @yorkiegrl82

7. This girl's dress was a steal:

@jimmyfallon When I put on my dress the night of prom I realized the store didn't take off the security tag everybo…

Twitter: @steveenicolle

8. This girl's look was different than her peers'.

@jimmyfallon I got a spray tan for prom and I accidentally had the shower cap to low. I ended up with a striped for…

Twitter: @missblair140

9. As was this girl's date.

@jimmyfallon I took Sebastian, my blow up doll to prom. No pressure, fun, quiet night..... #promfail #noregrets

Twitter: @pkashmere

10. Brace yourself for this prom look:

Knee surgery right before Prom and had to wear a full leg brace. BUT I gotta rock the chucks instead of heels.…

Twitter: @Shortsteff18

11. Wig flew, literally:

On the dance floor, someone's bracelet got caught in my hair... When she pulled, my extensions came out too.. #PromFail

Twitter: @anonbitchfr

12. This promposal was a mouthful.

13. Celine Dion was this girl's friend for the night.

I didn't go to my prom. I stayed in my room on prom night and listened to "All By Myself" by Celine Dion on repeat. #PromFail

Twitter: @Erin_A_Reedy

14. This guy is a klutz.

@jimmyfallon I Dropped Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce On My Dates 3,000 Dollar Dress #PromFail

Twitter: @TheRealDudja

15. And this girl's date is just awkward.

My date decided eating at Burger King was romantic. He asked for a crown, placed it on my head and said "you can have it your way" #PromFail

Twitter: @hannapolakowski

16. Finally, this girl — who's better off without him anyway.

My crush texted me and said "prom?" I replied "YES!!!!" He replied "oh sorry wrong person." #PromFail

UGH, PROM. It's not as easy as it looks.

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