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    12 Times Teachers Were Sent Very, Um, Bizarre Things From Students And Parents

    Featuring porn, nudes, and just incorrect assignments.

    On Saturday, Reddit user somerandomboi05 asked, "Teachers, when did [a] student send you the wrong file?" The responses are cringey and hilarious. Here's what they said.

    1. "I had a student complain that their assignment wouldn't upload. Turned out that he was trying to turn in work that someone else had done and had just shared with him."


    2. "A 40-year-old mom sent me a picture of herself totally naked, double-penetrating herself with two dildos. The message said, 'Cant wait to see you Friday.'"



    3. "I'm a TA and accept submissions into my email. Someone emailed me a PDF of their homework, but instead it was a fanfic about the class professor being a snail."


    4. "A student gave me a memory stick. I plug it into my laptop so we can watch as a class, and it was full of named porn files."


    5. "A student once sent me a video of themselves artificially inseminating a cow."



    6. "The assignment was to critique a song. A student sent me his presentation on why he thinks Skyrim is better than Fortnite accidentally."


    7. "A student sent me a Word doc for an assignment. A few days later, their friend sent me a surprisingly identical paper."



    8. "A student submitted a paper under 'Bob the Penis Smith.'"


    9. "I sent a presentation named 'boring science presentation' accidentally."


    10. "In eighth-grade Spanish class we had to do a presentation with a group on something, and one group as a joke put the 'Grapefruit Technique' video on their slide but forgot to delete it."


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    11. "I accidentally sent my American literature teacher in high school some gay porn I drew instead of a 'design a book cover' assignment."


    12. "A former student found me on social media and once 'accidentally' sent me a picture and said 'send me pictures like this.' It was a nude picture, zoomed up close on the woman’s vagina."


    In conclusion...