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15 Struggles You'll Only Get If You Have Balls

You know — testicles, family jewels, nuts, etc.

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1. When un-sticking your balls becomes a process that requires you to be both discreet and skillful.

When your balls get stuck to your leg in public

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2. And if you shave them, it requires surgery-like precision:

3. When finding good underwear is not just a matter of comfort — but a matter of life and death.

4. Same with the right pair of pants/jeans:

Comedy Central

5. Because when your nads are suffocated, well, it's just fucking terrible.


6. When one of your nuts gets caught in your zipper, and it's just crazily painful.

Twentieth Century Fox

7. But still not as painful as getting hit in the family jewels. We've all experienced it, and it is not OK.

8. When one or more of your balls accidentally touches the toilet or gets splashed with toilet water, and you're just like "Oh god, I do not like this."


9. Or during a physical, when the doctor tells you to cough as he holds your balls, and you're also like, "Oh god, I do not like this."

10. When they're sweaty:


11. Or when they itch when you're in public and it's a situation:

12. Or when you're at the beach and realize SAND + BALLS = IRRITATION.

13. Just blue balls in general.

14. When you just wanna play with them — because you can.

Elektra Records

15. And, the fucking worst is when your balls have to double as a make-up blender.

i think i started a new instagram makeup trend


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