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The Spirit Halloween Costume Is The Funniest And Most Accurate Meme Of 2022, And I'm Living For It

I'm dying.

If you've been on Twitter lately, you've probably noticed an emerging new meme — the Spirit Halloween costume meme.

Spirit Halloween costumes getting real specific these days 👀

Twitter: @mightymoves

It's basically a take on the cliché characteristics of all the different types of people we've encountered. Here are some of the best:

1. "Gay Guy":

Twitter: @JontyUsborne

2. "Gay Loser":

Twitter: @chrisaileo

3. "Freelance Recruiter Who Ghosted You":

Twitter: @iamshakeena

4. "Man in DC":

Twitter: @AlexThomp

5. "Conservative Guy Scared of Cities":

Twitter: @edroso / Via ninelineapparel.com

6. "The Biggest Bully In Hollywood And Everyone Knows It":

Twitter: @thebravobabe_

Kathy Hilton called Lisa Rinna this recently on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

7. "The Superior Sister (Kim Richards)":

Twitter: @thebravobabe_

Kim, Kathy, and Kyle Richards have all been on RHOBH.

8. "Real-Life TikTok Beauty Influencer (Bethenny Frankel)":

9. "Trans Nerd":

i went to spirit halloween and this... feels targeted?

Twitter: @MasonDeaver

10. "Unprepared Hiker":

Twitter: @waDNR

11. "Spirit Halloween Facilitator":

I could have created a Spirit Halloween Facilitator Costume, but decided to provide you with the blank copy so you can work on it in small groups. You have 11 minutes.

Twitter: @ShitFacilitator

12. "Royals Singer":

Twitter: @holelris

This is Charli XCX, who once pretended to be Lorde in an interview.

13. "Fourplex":

These Spirit Halloween costumes are getting out of hand.

Twitter: @WNNProHousing

And lastly:

14. "5'11 Twitch Streamer":

Spirit Halloween has everything these days

Twitter: @FaZeClan