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16 Teachers Who Failed So Hard It's Inspiring

Teacher fails are iconic.

1. This teacher locked their keys in the classroom but found a way to get in:

2. This teacher had a little too much pep for the pep rally:

3. The teacher's tree decorations fell on students:

4. And this teacher over-packed a bookshelf:

5. This teacher may have spilled something on the quizzes:

6. This teacher had a hilariously ironic fail:

7. And this teacher definitely didn't proofread:

8. This teacher didn't realize she was giving video feedback in a beer sweatshirt:

Could be a #teacherfail or #teacherwin

9. This teacher almost made it to their car without dropping everything:

10. This teacher failed at refilling the bean bag chair:

11. This teacher got a little too into cutting and cut her shirt:

12. This teacher found a surprise in her pants:

13. This teacher tried to do a physics lesson and, well, things ended badly:

14. This teacher made an innocent mistake and got this email:

15. This teacher had an interesting acronym for classroom rules:

16. This teacher couldn't help but laugh at a student yelling "butthole":