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16 Professors Who Answered Emails In The Most Professor-y Way Possible

Professors can drag you with minimal words.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share a time when a professor answered their email in a short and/or savage way. Here are the results.

1. "Whatever"

2. "no...."

3. "K"

4. "Fine"

"Sir didn’t even bother?" —prada09

5. "No."

6. "Cool"

7. "See me."

"No times or location of this office either. Was not going to graduate if I didn’t get this change. It all worked out but this email was a bit of a heart attack."

8. "thanks"

"Forgot to send in a short essay. Assuming this meant she accepted it?" —hollyp4c6da51a1

9. "Ok"

"Such a classic." —elizabethg403230096

10. "Already done that"

11. "I have no idea Cassie."

"I asked my Chemistry professor what the points he awarded as a curve on the previous tests were so that I could calculate what I needed on the final to pass, and this is what he responded."—simplycassieee

12. "No," "ok"

"I guess it doesn’t pay to be nice to your professors." —1badbitch

13. "OK"

14. "You're fired"

"I had the worst food poisoning EVER from undercooked chicken—I have never felt so literally awful in my life—so I emailed my hilariously, cynically sarcastic professor and his only response: You’re fired. It actually made me laugh for the first time in 24 hours." —erinm467ea893c

15. "?thanks"

"I was a TA for a teacher my senior year of high school and emails like this were quite regular." —jakobc4715e18d7

16. "this is not an email conversation"

"He literally said to email him if we had questions. You can see how easy he was to speak with." —elysianah

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