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Please Show Us Your Absolutely Awful Halloween Costume

I want to see your worst costume EVER.

There are some people who literally kill it every Halloween, like this person dressed as Regina George at Spring Fling:

And some people who have some, uh, BAD costumes. Like this kid who went as an onion in fifth grade:

Does that sound like you? Maybe you didn't put much time or effort into your costume, like these friends who went as kidney stones:

Maybe your costume had people asking what the costume was — like this person who went as "static electricity":

Or maybe you and your partner's costume weren't in sync:

our costume ideas were a little different!

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Either way, we want to see your worst-ever Halloween costume! Send us pics of your costume fail (and tell us what you were goin' for) via the DropBox below. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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