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17 People Who Tried To Get With People And Straight-Up Failed

"Hi this is your Uber Driver. I just want 2 let you know I Have Feelings For You."

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1. This guy, who tried to pick up a girl on her anniversary Insta:

2. And this guy, who got brutally denied with just three letters:

3. This guy, who tried to shoot his shot...with 39 different the same time:

4. And this Uber driver, who did the most:

5. This girl who TRIED to dive into this girl's DMs and was then hit with a "bye."

Tried to shoot my shot 😩💔

6. And my personal favorite: this person, who shot their shot — accidentally:

7. This guy, who tried this insane opener:

8. And this guy, who's not well:

9. This person, who tried to shoot their shot and got played:

10. And this girl, who got called out for her motives when shooting their shot:

11. This guy, who shot his shot, got denied, and then sent his credit card????

12. And this guy, who tried to slide into Halle Berry's DMs a year ago and hasn't heard back:

13. This guy, who was brutally rejected:

I slid in this girls DM's and got rejected, i aint got no game cuH

14. This guy, who was owned by this little savage:

15. This girl, who was cleverly rejected by the girl she was texting:

16. And this grass cutter, who tried to take it to the next level with this mom:

The guy that cuts our grass tried to shoot his shot at my mom 😂😂

17. And last but not least — never forget when Justin Bieber shot his shot and got denied hard.

Whoa! @justinbieber DM'd a gym asking about a employee and was then rejected by her via Twitter. Bet he wasn't expe…

Twitter: @jessicagober

Sorry, y'all (except the guy in number 8)! But always remember: you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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